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Idle Gym – Fitness Simulation: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Idle Gym – Fitness Simulation is a new idle game where you run a gym with animal-headed people as customers (think a ridiculous version of Zootopia), with the goal being to build the biggest and most lucrative gym that you can. Your goal is to earn a ton of coins and gems, build a ton of new gyms, and get customers everywhere that you go.

You can upgrade the speed, equipment, and price to earn more and more money with the gym, you can tap to speed things along, and run multiple gyms all over the place. Plus, you have all sorts of other bonuses that you can unlock to speed things along even more.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Idle Gym – Fitness Simulation!

The three upgrades that you can do to your gym are to price, speed, and equipment. Price adds to the amount of money that you earn per customer, no matter what the speed and equipment are.

Speed increases how quickly the customers enter the gym, workout, then leave. Equipment increase the number of stations there are in the gym; not only does this get customers through faster, but it increases how much you earn as well.

Most of the game happens on an idle basis, but tap and you can speed things along significantly. Your gym goers will work out more quickly, meaning that your customers who are waiting in line will be able to enter the gym quicker. Engage in a lot of tapping if you get a buildup of customers waiting for the gym.

Tap randomly on the energy drink that floats by randomly. Once you tap it, an ad video will pop up. Finish the video out in its entirety, and you’ll get a big cash bonus. The higher your upgrades are, the more cash you’ll earn from the ad video.

Tap on the icon of the person in the lower right corner of the screen, and you’ll see a number of other upgrades you can do to your gym under the “gym” tab. You’ll be able to do upgrades to your line capacity, frequency of customers showing up, the price of the energy drink (AKA the amount of cash that it earns you), air conditioner for your speed rate, and the shower room for an extra price boost.

There are a number of other ad bonuses that you can take, too. Tap on the gem counter to watch a video. For every video that you watch, you’ll earn between 20 and 100 gems.

Additionally, when you see the 2x icon appear, you’ll be able to watch an ad video to double the idle income. Unfortunately, no matter what the color of the icon, you’ll only earn double the income for 90 seconds in a row, making its worth dubious.

Tap on the spinning wheel in the lower right corner of the screen to spin for a bonus. The bonus can either consist of coins or gems. The coin bonuses will depend on what the level of your upgrades is.

Once you hit level 20, you will be able to unlock your first new gym. New gyms will unlock whenever you hit a specific upgrade level at your current gym. Reach level 20 at PinWheel and you’ll unlock MapleLeaf. Reach level 30 at MapleLeaf and you’ll unlock SnowBoy. Reach level 40 at SnowBoy and you’ll unlock HappyValley.

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