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Fitness Club Tycoon: Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Fitness Club Tycoon is a new idle gym-building game for the iOS and Android platforms. Your gym starts off small, with very few customers, but by smart upgrading and money management, you can gradually build it into a gigantic gym, help your customers lose weight, improve your reputation, open cards and earn bonuses, and load up on free gems.

Read on for a list of tips, tricks, cheats, and more for Fitness Club Tycoon!

The tutorial will show you how to play Fitness Club Tycoon initially, so follow it until it runs out. Once the tutorial is done, the simplest way to upgrade in the most efficient manner possible is to follow the current task. The task will take you to exactly the area that you should upgrade next, and when you complete the task, you will earn free gems as a reward.

There are a ton of different bonuses in this game that can earn you free cash and the gyms. One of them comes from tapping on customers who have various emojis over their head, such as checkmarks or angry faces. Tend to these customers, and you will earn a tip.

There are many bonuses in this game that you can unlock by watching advertisement videos. For example, you can double your income for a couple of hours, or you can double the rewards that you get by completing a task. Some of these are a waste of time, but anytime that you earn a significant gem bonus, such as 15 or more gems in one shot, watch the advertisement video to double the bonus.

By default, you can earn a maximum of two hours worth of offline income. In order to increase the amount that you can earn at once, you have to hire a manager. This can only be done by making an in app purchase.

Other significant rewards come from the blind box or the golden egg. The blind box has you choose from one of three boxes, and you will earn either a cash or gems bonus, but my watching a video, you can unlock all bonuses at once.

For the golden eggs, you can tap one of four golden eggs, open the egg for bonuses, and then move onto the next egg. If you end up opening an egg that contains a bomb, though, then you will lose all of your rewards, so to keep things safe, be sure to take your rewards before the bombs start coming, which tends to be on egg level six.

Still another good set of rewards comes from the lucky turntable. The first spin is free, and then six more spins can be had by watching videos. You get up to six spins per day, and you can earn various bonuses from these.

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To increase the reputation of your gym, find the customers who are trying to lose weight. They can earn up to three stars depending on how much they lose. You will earn a reputation bonus for each star that they earn.

Continue helping customers to lose weight and you will even be able to unlock new gyms. In order to get enough customers to do this, simply keep continuing the upgrades that the tasks give you, and earning the rewards for those tasks. Eventually, you will unlock the next gym in line.

Card packs are an underappreciated aspect of the game that can be fairly easy to ignore, but they can give you plenty of bonuses, as well as new scenery surrounding your gym. When you unlock enough of one type of object, you will be able to officially unlock it and place it. This will give bonuses to specific areas of your gym, such as the restaurant or the reception area.