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Golf Inc. Tycoon: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Golf Inc. Tycoon is a new tycoon game by Green Pands for the iOS and Android platform and is the predecessor to the number one download right now, which is Idle Roller Coaster. Your goal is to make more money by getting more golfers, upgrading their clubs, the fairway, the balls themselves, the ball retrieval vehicle, and more.

You can earn a ton of coins, load up on upgrades, and build your golf course into the richest there is. Read on for some tips and tricks for Golf Inc. Tycoon!

Most of the game takes place automatically, but you can do one thing via taps, which is tapping on the cars to make them go faster. In fact, this is one of the specific abilities that you can upgrade; the turbo upgrade, which powers up each tap.

There are so many upgrades in this game that it can be a bit confusing to figure out what they all do at first. So here is the list:

Fairway Upgrades:

Capacity: Each golfer holds more balls.

Ball Value: Each ball is worth more when it’s picked up.

Stock: More balls in the ball machine.

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Golden Ball %: Higher chances of a golden ball, which is worth double a standard ball.

Golfer Upgrades:

Shoot Rate: Golfers shoot balls more quickly.

Power: Golfers have the ability to hit the ball harder.

Target Value: More coins for hitting the ball directly into the target.

Target Accuracy: Higher chance of landing the ball into the target, which gives you a multiplier and makes it so that the ball doesn’t have to be collected by the truck.

Car Upgrades:

Car: Adds another car to the golf course.

Speed: Increases the idle driving speed of the car.

Capacity: Each car can carry more maximum balls before having to go back and return them all.

Turbo: Tapping the car has a bigger effect.

Club Upgrades:

Size: Increases the size of the whole golf course.

Targets: More targets for your golfers to hit for multipliers.

Accuracy: Higher chance of your golfers hitting the targets.

However, don’t forget that you also have the ability to purchase more golfers, to the point of having a maximum of four of them. All of the golfer upgrades will affect all of the golfers.

Not only can you get four golfers, but once you have all four, another golfer slot will open to the right of it. Buy the fifth and a sixth will open up. Buy a sixth and a seventh one will open up, and so on and so forth.

You need to make it so that all of these upgrades get upgraded regularly, so that your course can be a rich and famous money magnet. Also, upgrade things fairly evenly, and you’ll be able to buy the most upgrades for the least money.

Tap on the cash drones whenever they fly overhead to grab a free cash bonus in exchange for watching an ad video. You’re going to need to have an internet connection in order to do this, but if you have one, you’ll get the bonus.

Additionally, you can use an ad video to triple the gained income whenever you level up, or whenever you collect your offline income. The offline income one is especially worth it after a long time of being offline, but if you have only been off for about 10 minutes, it’s not worth it.

If you want a lot more offline revenue, you can hire a manager and collect 10 hours in a row of offline income instead of two hours. This is not a subscription; this is a one time purchase costing $9.99.


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