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Press Inc. (iOS/Android game): Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Press Inc is a new idle factory game for the iOS and Android platforms where you run a hydraulic press, crush stuff with it, and make money by crushing stuff. You can buy new products, upgrade the hydraulic press itself, and either you can control it yourself or you can watch the press do the crushing for you. Read on for some tips and tricks for Press Inc!

The product upgrades are the only ones you can do at the beginning of the game due to how cheap they are, but even when you have a lot of money, they still tend to be the most important ones most of the time. Levels 1-20 on a product are the most important, then level 50 is good, but anything above that, for the most part, tends to be a waste of money.

When you upgrade to 50, 100, 150, or 200, the overall income will double on the upgraded item compared to the previous level (49, 99, etc), at no extra cost above the usual cost for the upgrade. Once you hit level 250, that object will be maxed out.

The upgrades to the press itself have many functions, the most important one being allowing the press to work without tapping it. Upgrade the press speed to do that. Upgrading the press size increases all dimensions, upgrading the production increases the amount of items that show up on the conveyor belt (until they don’t fit anymore), upgrading the band speed allows for a higher item density due to a quicker conveyor belt, upgrading the bonus chance slot allows for more bonus chances, and upgrading the level up slot causes you to gain levels quicker than you otherwise would.

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Hit the boosters tab in order to watch advertisement videos in exchange for various bonuses. x2 revenue allows you to earn twice the revenue for one minute. x2 speed lasts for three minutes. Level Up Faster lasts for four minutes. All three are available whenever you want them as long as you have a data connection.

Make sure that all of your production upgrades stay in sync. If you upgrade the belt speed too quickly, then you’ll end up with a belt that’s moving too fast for the press. Upgrade production, press speed, or press size too quickly, and you’ll end up wasting money for an upgrade that doesn’t increase your crushing speed.