BitLife: Burglary and Intelligence Test Minigame Guide

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BitLife: Life Simulator continually has new stuff added to it, including various minigames where you have to complete a game in order to benefit greatly. Two of the newer ones are the burglary game and the intelligence test game.

The burglary game is done whenever you want to steal stuff from somebody’s house, and can either net you some quick cash, or can get you arrested. The intelligence test game is an instant way to modify your “Smarts” score, which can be either increased or decreased significantly depending on how you do.

Read on for some tips on how to beat the Burglary Game and Intelligence Test Game in BitLife: Life Simulator!

The burglary game is a fairly easy game, and is a lot like Pac-Man, except that you don’t have to pick up dots. All that you have to do is pick up the items that are scattered all throughout the level, and avoid anything that can chase you and catch you.

Some items tend to be inherently more valuable than others. Gemstones are almost always valuable, as are electronics. Watches and guitars, oddly enough, can go either way. But try to get everything before you exit the level, if you can stay away from anyone who can catch you.

When the level begins, you will be in surrounded by green, and anyone who can catch you will be surrounded by red. Be sure to steer clear of them. Their movements will be totally random, so stay as far away as possible.

Remember what stages apply to which jobs, because different people have different levels. Some levels are simpler or more complicated, some have more stuff that you can steal, and some have more things that can catch you (i.e. multiple dogs plus the owner). Try to rob the people with the highest-earning occupations that you can.

The next new game is the intelligence test. The intelligence test is a clone of the old Hasbro memory game Simon. One color flashes, then you press it. Two colors flash, and then you press them. Three colors flash, and then you press them. And so on and so forth.

An easy way to get a nearly unlimited score on this one is to write what the exact color is, or the initial for the color (RBGY). The colors stay the same throughout the entire game, with each new round adding a color to the end, so grab a piece of paper and add another initial for each new round that you do.

The higher that you score on the IQ test, the higher your Smarts will go when you are done. If you fail miserably, your smarts can shoot down to 0%. If you end up with a gigantic IQ score at the end of the game, though, your smarts can go all the way up to 100%.

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