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Mad Skills Snocross: Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Mad Skills Snocross is the latest entry in the popular Mad Skills extreme sports series for the iOS and Android platforms, and the first one that is focused on snowmobiling. Your goal is to race against other players, through snowy courses, many of which have plenty of jumps, and win the race. You can control your jumps and falls in such a way to give yourself a much better chance at winning the race, and you can win silver and gold coins, which can then be used to upgrade your snowmobile and purchase new snowmobiles.

Read on for a collection of tips and cheats for Mad Skills Snocross!

There is far more to each race than just holding the accelerator button and going forward. What do you do with the simulated joystick on the screen will determine whether or not you win or lose a race and complete the quests. for one thing, you can till forward and backwards, in order to turn your snowmobile, which can be used to flip, or simply to land as perfectly as possible.

In order to make the most perfect landing, turn your snowmobile, so that you are almost exactly parallel to the ground, but with the tail of your vehicle, being slightly lower than the nose of the vehicle, but just barely. A perfect landing will get you a speed boost, helping you win, races.

In order to jump higher and longer, pull the stick down as you approach, a jump, and then, at the exact moment that you jump off, pull the stick up. If you pull up even a little bit too early, then you won’t end up, jumping high enough, so be sure to tame it perfectly. Additionally, if you want to drop faster out of a jump, then hold the stick down after you jump.

After every race, if you win, you will win silver coins, and if you complete at least one quest, you will add a coin bonus. There will also be an option to double your coins by watching an advertisement video. Always take this option, because coins can be few or far between once you finish all of the quests in question. It’s especially imperative to double your earnings if you complete both quests in the same race.

When you upgrade your snowmobile, and often takes awhile for the parts to show up so that you can fit them. No matter how long it takes, though, you can always skip the entire time of delivery by watching an advertisement video. Additionally, if you use gold coins to purchase a part, you always get the part instantly with no ads.

Gold coins are the premium currency of this game, and can be used to buy parts that you can’t afford, skip delivery times, and more. The best way to get gold coins for free is by completing achievements, which are similar to quests, but they apply to the entire game and not just one stage. You can find the achievements list by clicking your avatar, and then tapping the button that looks like a ribbon.

Be sure to complete the daily Dash every single day. You have one chance at winning 250 silver coins every single day, or other similar huge prizes, by beating each level, so you have nothing to lose by participating in this and other timed event races.

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