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MADFUT 23 – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

MADFUT 23 is a new card game for the iOS and Android platforms that, like the previous editions, is a spin off of the idea of FIFA Ultimate Team. You can draft and collect cards of your favorite football/soccer players, compete against other players to see who can field the best lineup, and engage in other competitions, while winning rare card packs, coins, tokens, and other prizes.

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Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for MADFUT 23!

Before you do anything in this game, make sure to fill out your team with the free draft. You can do the rainbow draft as many times as you want after watching an advertisement video. This draft is useful in that you can collect players from all countries and continents, as well as all different positions, and mix and match them.

Even without doing all of that, though, there are game modes that allow you to draft and build a team, and then compete against other players. Before you do that, though, go to the team builder mode, and practice building a team that not only is worth a lot of points, but also has good chemistry, because chemistry between players will give you a highly competitive advantage against other players.

Go to the draft battle modes whenever you get the hang of chemistry. Chemistry primarily comes from fielding players who are on the same team, from the same country, or the same continent, or the same league; it’s even better if you match more than one of these. These are the keys to beating other players, because unless they have purchased a massive amount of super rare packs, your scores will be fairly similar.

In the battle modes, you and your opponent will each pick one player. You will battle your attack against their defense, your defense against their attack, or your control against their control. Fielding players out of position will suppress their stats, and fielding players with good chemistry ratings will boost their stats.

For that reason, it is essential to field players in their preferred positions. It is also a good idea to field players who specialize in one or two stats, primarily, so that you can use them as high point value players against your opponents.

Additionally, as you play, you will earn a massive amount of card packs, including super rare and ultra rare packs, that have players with a score of 90 or above. Open all of these packs and add them to your team; the more players that you have in the 90 realm, the better chance that you have at winning against most other players.

You will also have a ton of coins that you can play with and will earn more and more as you play, so take these coins to the store, and use them to purchase specific players. Even when the point totals are under 90, these players will still be valuable to have so that you can make your preferred league and country matches.