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My Hotpot Story – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

My Hotpot Story is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you run your very own hotpot restaurant. Your goal is to build your restaurant and increase its size, diversify your menu and add new items to please, your customers, and transform from a tiny restaurant, into a very large, very successful restaurant. You can earn coins and diamonds, and you can even play a merge puzzle game in order to unlock new flavor elements for recipes.

Read on for some tips and tricks for My Hotpot Story!

Serving your customers is a fairly simple premise; all that you have to do is take their order, swipe left to go to the kitchen to prepare the food, then tap the food after it’s been cooked. After you tap the food, your customers will automatically be served.

Once they finish eating, first, collect their checks. Next, clean up the tables, and a new set of customers will walk in, and the process will be repeated.

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To make it easy to figure out what to do early on, tap on the quest menu and complete quests in order, even after you finish with the tutorial. These quests will earn you significant coin rewards, and these rewards can be reinvested back into your restaurant in order to add new food, new furnishings, and increase your restaurant rating.

Once you get enough money to hire staff members, start hiring cooks, wait staff, hostesses, and more, in order to automate your job. You will not have to actively tap anything anymore although you still can if you want to, and the more staff, that you hire, the less that you actually have to tap and the faster service gets done.

Whenever you are offline, your restaurant will continue to collect income. Even when you are not playing actively, check back after a few hours to collect your income. These coins are extremely important, because of the restaurant upgrades that they will allow you to purchase.

Be sure to constantly add new furnishings to your restaurant, as well as upgrading the furniture that you already have. Whenever you are in a specific area, such as the hall, the kitchen, or outdoors, you will have a list of items to upgrade that go with the area. Scroll past the upgrade list for items that you already have, and you will see all the items that you don’t have yet but are able to unlock. As you upgrade and unlock these items, you will be able to increase your restaurant ranking, adding more stars and different elements, such as tin, silver, gold, etc restaurant.

It is especially important to continue adding tables in the hall area. You can have up to four tables at a time, and each table can seat up to four customers. Just continue to make sure that your kitchen is upgraded enough to handle all of these customers at the same time, and that you have enough staff to deal with the rush.

You can also continually unlock new recipes, especially as you add restaurant elements. There are three different restaurant elements, and each recipe unlock will require one of each. The recipe that you unlock is completely random, and new recipes can make you more money and satisfy more customers.

In order to get the recipes for new food or a new garnish, tap the lucky cat anytime that it’s glowing. You will get one of each of the three flavor ingredients for food for free, or you can get two each by spending 10 diamonds.

Additionally, you can unlock flavor elements for a new broth, such as sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and spicy. Play the match game and spawn the various items for each element, such as the lime for sour, then merge items together until you get the elements themselves. Once you have one each of the flavor elements, then you will be able to unlock a brand-new broth.

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