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My Hotpot Story: Rare Items Guide – How to Get Four-Leaf Clovers, Training Books, Car Keys, Energy, Lucky Points, Yummy Cookies, Flavor Bottles, and More

My Hotpot Story is a new game where you run your own restaurant, unlock new food, hire your own wait staff, upgrade every single facet of your restaurant from the building to the appliances and the furniture, and a whole lot more. Not only can you earn cash and diamonds, but there are a whole lot of different rare items that you can find. These items all have various uses, from occasionally being usable as currency to bartering and exchanging with customers and mysterious guests.

Read on for a guide to getting various kinds of rare items in My Hotpot Story!

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We will start off with four-leaf clovers, because no matter where you are in the game, you have very likely found at least one of them by now. One sure fire way to get clovers is from the lucky cat; if it has been a while since you checked and collected a reward, then go to the lucky cat and see if they have found any.

Another way to get four leaf clovers is to go to the storage area and start merging items together. Occasionally, if you merge an item to a high enough level, you will get free clovers as a drop.

To get training books, you can see if any have been picked up by the lucky cat and if so, collect the item. Then go to the storage and double tap the training book when you see it on the board. Another way to get training books is from the arcade, which can be unlocked once you hit bronze level 1.

Still another way to get training books is to purchase them using four leaf clovers. Go to the “redeem” section of the “develop“ area in order to trade it for leaf clovers for them.

There are two ways to get the car keys. One way is to go to a waiter or waitress, who has a thought bubble over their head with a picture of a fish inside it, then tap that person. Occasionally, when you tap a person, who’s thinking, they will drop an item, such as a cell phone, or a pair of gloves, and sometimes it’s car keys.

In addition to that, sometimes they will randomly drop from a table after a group of customers gets up and leaves. When they do, tap them, then wait for a customer to come in requesting the car keys, and give it to them.

Lucky points can be found in the lottery area, along with energy, yummy cookies, and training books. In order to get to this area, go to the “shop” tab, and look all the way to the right for the tab that says “opening feast”.

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Lucky points can be used to purchase some of the rarest items in the entire game. When you are in the lottery menu, go to the button that says “redeem “and you will be able to purchase exclusive waiters and cooks, an entirely new and different category of food, a dancer, or a brand new uniform for one of your current employees, which will also boost their stats.

In order to merge flavor bottles, go to the storage screen. Tap on the elements toward the top of the screen in order to make the level one item of that flavor up here; for example, the level one flavor of sour is lime.

You need to merge and upgrade an item all the way up to level six in order for it to transform into a flavor bottle. Once you pick up all five different flavor bottles, you will be able to go to the screen with the broths, and spend your collection in order to unlock a brand new broth.