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My Hotpot Story – Guide Part 3: Even More Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

There are some other areas that you can unlock when you get far enough into the game, and when your restaurant is at a high enough level. To start with, we have the theater. In order to unlock the theater, you need to be at a restaurant level of Silver 1.

The theater is a place where you can provide your customers with dinner and a show. There is space for multiple tables, so, of course, you can serve more food here, but in the staff menu, you can also hire actors to perform shows for the customers.

The final area that you can unlock is the buffet. In order to be able to unlock the buffet, you need to have a restaurant level of Gold 1. Not only that, but you also need to be the owner of 20 uptier dishes, 10 uptier sauces, and 10 uptier broths. This is an accomplishment that takes it absolutely forever to do, because of how many upgrades you need to do just to be able to unlock five stars in a dish, let alone also to be able to tier it up.

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The buffet is an absolutely massive room, and it doesn’t look quite like your typical American buffet restaurant; it actually bears more of a similarity to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. You can hire more weight, staff, and more chefs to help you deal with the extra traffic created by the Buffay, and then you can watch the money pile in.

Offline income is a great way to earn money, but an even faster way to earn money is by turning off the automatic, sleep on your phone screen, then setting your phone down with the game active and falling asleep, or doing something else that takes hours to do. With the game active, the money will pile up faster than it would have if you were offline, and you will be able to do this trick for an unlimited amount of time as well.

Not only that, but there are a couple of additional bonuses to doing it this way. One is that the lucky cat will count tables and give you rewards, which we all know about because we’ve been collecting restaurant dish elements, right from the beginning. The lucky cat will also bring you various ingredients, which you would normally have to merge other ingredients to get. collected these in order to speed up the process of unlocking new dishes.

When the wait staff has thought bubbles over their heads, tap on the waiters and waitresses in order to pop the bubbles. They may also occasionally drop items. These items might seem useless at first, but their uses will be revealed eventually.

For example, a customer may come in randomly, asking if anybody has seen his car keys. You might pick up a set of car keys by tapping the waitstaff, so then you will be able to give him the keys and get a reward.

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