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Nitro Nation Stories – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Nitro Nation Stories is a new racing game for the iOS and Android platforms, the latest in the popular Nitro Nation series. You race against all manner of rivals here, from street racers to professionals, and your goal is to make your way to the top of the heap, starting with a hot hatch and working your way up class after class until you make it to exotics, upgrading your car, earning gold and cash and becoming the best. Read on for some tips and tricks for Nitro Nation Stories!

Be aware of the differences of the two main types of races: street races and drag races. In a drag race, you have to do burnouts to melt your tires before taking off so that you can get the best traction possible. In a street race, you have to keep an eye on the cars on the road in order to avoid them; run into a car, and you’re toast.

Fuel/gas is your energy in this game. Each time that you race you use gas, and then if you run out of gas, you normally have to wait for it to come back or buy more of it using your gold. You can, alternatively, tap on the gas counter to watch a video ad, which will give you one free gas every time that you watch. You can watch more and more until your gas tank is full.

Race in street races and division races to earn more cash for car upgrades. You’ll also often win free parts after successful races, which can then be installed on your car in exchange for money. If you are having trouble in a story race, getting more parts is going to be your ticket to winning. Once you fill up your install slots, either save up for a new car altogether or start replacing common parts with rarer ones.

If you spend money on the game to get gold, the best way to spend your gold is to get a race type version of a car. The race type is exactly like the street type, only faster, and every part that you install will add just a little bit more power compared to the street type. It can be a bit expensive to buy some of these, but if you do it right at the beginning of a new class, it’s worth it.

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Even when you beat all of the story mode races for a particular class, go back and beat the division and street race areas until you beat all of them. You’ll earn gigantic rewards this way, including special rewards for clearing the whole ladder.