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Diablo Immortal: How To Get Gold, Platinum, and Eternal Orbs

Diablo Immortal is the latest game in the ever popular Diablo franchise. This entry, which is the first free to play entry in the series, is available on the PC, iOS, and Android platforms. You can go on solo quests, raid with other players, and battle against other players, earning gold, platinum, and eternal orbs along the way.

All three of these currencies are valuable, but some are more rare than others. Read on for tips on how to get free gold, platinum, and eternal orbs in Diablo Immortal!

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Gold is the most common currency in the game and is easy to get for free; in fact, it’s not available to purchase in the game. You can only earn it by completing quests, knocking off enemies, and opening treasure chests.

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Gold is primarily used for purchasing gear and potions from sellers, as well as going to the blacksmith and upgrading the gear that you already have. Once you unlock guild play, you can also spend gold in order to start your own guild.

Platinum is the second rarest currency in the game. This can be purchased in the store by spending eternal orbs, but you can earn platinum for free by completing the daily activity quests. Be sure to complete these quests every single day to maximize your chances of getting as much platinum as possible.

You can both earn platinum and spend platinum in the marketplace. To earn platinum, put year up for sale to see if other players are willing to purchase it. The rarer than here that you put up for sale, the more likely it is that players will buy it and spend more platinum for it. Alternatively, you can also purchase a gear that other players are selling in exchange for platinum of your own.

Platinum can also be used at the jewelcrafter in order to craft gems, which can increase the attributes of your character. Additionally, go to the crest merchant, and you will be able to spend platinum on legendary crests, which can give modifiers to your character. Finally, you can also go to the crystal merchant in order to craft gems, as well.

Eternal orbs are the rarest currency in the game. Currently, the only way known to get eternal orbs is to make a micro transaction and spend real money for them. We are not aware of any way to get free eternal orbs, but most likely, there are ways coming, probably in the form of limited edition quests or events.

Legendary crests can be purchased using eternal orbs. Another thing that you can purchase is cosmetic enhancements, which serves no purpose other than to modify the way that your character looks.

You can also spend eternal orbs to increase your battle pass tier, which is kind of like this game’s version of a VIP mode, allowing you to have a consistent increase in the rewards that you earn. Furthermore, you can also spend eternal orbs on the reforge stones, which allow you to re-forge your equipment, gambling for the chance to make it stronger.