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Diablo Immortal: Top Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Diablo Immortal is the long awaited mobile version of the popular action MMORPG that arguably was one of the games that started at all. This PC, iOS, and Android RPG takes place in between Diablo II and Diablo III and allows you to pick familiar classes like the barbarian, monk, demon hunter, and wizard, as you collect legendary weapons and quest through the land of Sanctuary. You and other players are on a quest to collect the shattered pieces of the Worldstone and to prevent the return of the Lord of Terror.

There is a lot to know about this game, from the single player mode to team raids to arena battles, and everything in between, but we have a good guide to break it all down. You will learn how best to handle your equipment and build your character and a whole lot more.

Read on for some tips, cheats, and tricks for Diablo Immortal!

Picking your class of character is one of the most important and defining features of the game, with each class having its own strengths and weaknesses; the class you pick should be entirely dependent on your style of play and your appetite for a challenge. The barbarian, for example, is generally the easiest for beginners due to high attack and the fence. The wizard is generally the most difficult due to extremely low defense but extremely high attack power, making you play strategically with an emphasis on hit and run.

The necromancer is the most unique out of all of these classes. The reason is that it can turn corpses into its own personal minions, which can make single player battles feel like team battles. These minions can imitate the tank, the DPS, the healer, the AOE, and other types of characters who would normally be your teammates.

The monk might seem a little bit useless early on, especially if you are new to the Diablo franchise, but the monk has the most healing skills of all, making it a very valuable character for when you team up with other players. Healers are always in high demand in raids, allowing you the chance to team up with stronger teams than you normally would be able to.

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When you go through the tutorial, the entire game will be played manually. You will have to navigate through the level and defeat each enemy on your own. After you pass the initial stage, though, you will be able to tap the quest button in order to bot, though. You can let the game play itself automatically, basically, without having to control it.

There are still perks to playing the game manually, though. For one, you can explore around different stages and find treasures that you might not have found had you played the game in automatic mode. Additionally, when you fight manually, it’s often easier to defeat tough bosses and enemy hordes, because in auto play, your character generally doesn’t know how to avoid the damage.

Equipping the right blend of skills is just as key to beating the toughest battles as anything else. You should always have one skill that allows you to escape from trouble and avoid big hits. Additionally, if you have a healing skill available, that should always be one of the skills that you equip.

You are going to pick up a massive amount of equipment as you go through the game, so managing your equipment is key. Swap out your equipment for stronger equipment when you get the chance, and always be on the lookout for uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary equipment, which will be significantly more powerful than other comparable equipment.

you can destroy your equipment in order to earn scraps that can be taken to the blacksmith, and then used to enhance the equipment that you prefer to equip. Don’t get rid of all of it, though; figure out first if you want to keep other pieces of equipment around for use in different situations. When you are sure that you don’t want to you use it for any situation, then get rid of it.

Eternal orbs and platinum are your two main types of currency in this game. You can use them to purchase ultra rare weapons and equipment, along with a host of other boosts. It’s generally not necessary to make purchases in order to continue playing the game, though; this game is entirely beatable and playable even for free players.

Many of the other in app purchases are cosmetic, simply fun to use to customize your character especially for multiplayer play. These are obviously not necessary to succeed; they simply use the power of customization to make the game more fun.