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Suicide Squad: Special Ops – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Suicide Squad: Special Ops is the new movie tie-in game to one of the summer’s biggest flicks, and shockingly, there are no in-app purchases or timers to speak of whatsoever. This is a pure wave-based shooting game that plays like Call of Duty: Zombies, that allows you to switch between Deadshot, El Diablo, and Harley Quinn as you play. Read on for some tips and tricks for Suicide Squad: Special Ops!

Each character has different weapons with different mechanics. Harley Quinn, for example, mainly attacks with her baseball bat, which is arguably the strongest weapon in the game, but the shortest in range. Her special weapon is her pistol, which the collected ammo will go to.

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Deadshot, on the other hand, prides himself in accuracy, and his gun will fire with a bit of a cooldown, but if you land a headshot, you will do an instant kill every time. His special gun is an AK. Diablo, on the other hand, uses a flamethrower to do draining damage, and has no special guns. The fire that he shoots will set enemies on fire, and they will die gradually, so there is no need to worry about headshots with him.

You can switch between characters between each wave. Also, as you pass specific waves, you will be able to unlock new areas to run around in. Whether an area is familiar or unfamiliar, keep track of where the exclamation mark pops up on the screen. Move toward it because that’s where the enemies are.

Be sure to protect your teammates throughout the battles. Don’t let them get killed. If one of them gets killed, they are gone, and the waves become that much harder to beat. The only time that they will regenerate is when all of your characters die and you are forced to start all over again from the first wave.

In the settings menu, you can turn the aiming assist off for more of a challenge, or on to make it a little bit easier. You can also change the sound volume and graphics quality in order to save your battery, or if you have an older phone and need to stop the game from lagging.