Zombie Goddess – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Zombie Goddess is a new 3D overhead action game where your goal is simply to slash as many zombies as possible. You go through wave after wave of zombies, fighting through endless stages, collecting coins and using them to purchase new weapons and even new characters. Read on for some tips and tricks for Zombie Goddess!

-You can change the camera when you’re in the game itself. Pause it and set it to where you want, but it’s easiest to see who’s coming when you set the camera to be far away.
-Tap next to the attack button and drag (not on the attack button, next to it) to move the camera around. Move it to the side to turn it, and up and down to change the elevation of it.

-You can buy all kinds of upgrades with your coins. The most important upgrade is to your main weapon, because that will be in effect at all times, as opposed to all of the other upgrades (besides buying a new character of course)
-Weapons will often drop in battle after you unlock them. You can use them indefinitely until you use their special power. Upgrade these in the store to increase both their attack damage and their special power damage.

-Once you use a weapon’s special power, you lose that weapon and revert back to your standard weapon. This is why you need to keep the standard weapon upgraded, though, so you can use the special power and still have an advantage.
-When you get a large enough combo, you’ll knock a zombie in the air, and can then swipe to slice it apart. This has no practical use other than to complete objectives, but it is cool to watch.

-You can slice any zombie more than once in the air, too. Just swipe back and forth over different parts of the zombie as quickly as you can, and you can slice it into a multitude of pieces.
-Complete objectives in order to increase your score multiplier bar. The main decider of your score will, of course, be how long you last in the stage, but the score bar can majorly increment it.

-Coins won’t get picked up unless you take the time to pick them up, so use the dash button if you need to bash through a horde of zombies really quickly without getting killed.
-Pick up any of the red jars that you see. Each one of them will restore one lost heart.