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Zombie Gunner (iOS) Guide: Tips, tricks, hints, cheats and strategies

Zombie Gunner is a new game by Gamevil, Inc that puts you into a side scrolling shooter world where your mission is to simply kill as many zombies as possible. You play as a cartoonish stereotypical army guy, and you start off with a short loading pistol and an explosive boxing glove. Your goal, however, is to amass the most powerful weapons you can get, complete numerous missions, and get your daughter back, since she has been kidnapped by the Zombies.

Sometimes, coins can be a little bit difficult to come by in the game, but certain stages are better than others when it comes to grinding for coins. The best stage early on is stage 4 in world 1, but any other stage where you have to kill the marked zombies are great for coins, because you can simply ignore the marked zombies, and kill the endless other zombies that appear on the screen instead until you are ready to end the mission.

The rolling attack, where you double tap in one direction or the other, is great to use for playing the game one handed. To make that happen, do the dash attack, and then after the attack is done, simply let go of the directional pad, and your character will keep running on his own. Use this time to shoot in the direction that you’re running so that you don’t get attacked by any of the zombies who are in front of you.

Be smart about the power ups that you buy with your coins. Buying an upgrade to the short loader gun is arguable not worth it, because you will not notice any difference in the performance of the gun, as far as zombie killing goes, until you buy around 4-6 upgrades, and even then it will still be negligible. Save your coins for new guns and for upgrades to your character’s life and stamina.

Even better, don’t buy any extra weapons or anything at all. Save your coins, and then once you earn enough of them, go to the shop and go to the Machine tab, and buy either a Machine or a Tank. Use it to totally destroy zombies rather than spending a whole bunch of coins on numerous little purchases.