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Diablo Immortal: Device Compatibility, Server Issues, Lag, Graphics, Glitches, Linking Problems, and How To Fix

Diablo Immortal is a wildly popular new MMORPG for the PC, iOS, and Android platforms. You can engage and solo play, PVE, and PVP, and you can pick from one of six classes, each of which has entirely different play styles. Some classes are better all around, while other classes are specialists in one style of play.

Being that this is a brand-new game that cop popular extremely quickly, it’s bound to have some issues, and issues have begun popping up. There have been issues with server lag, graphical glitches, terrible graphics on the PC port, account linking glitches, and microtransactions of the cosmetic variety being linked strictly to one character.

One of the most common issues that we tend to see right now with Diablo Immortal is with linking your account. Many players are reporting that if they link their account, it ends up being listed as being in the wrong region, or the account is simply empty, and apparently impossible to add your own saved contacts to you.

The current solution to this is that when you link your account, don’t do it from the title screen. Instead, log into the game as it playing as a guest, then link your account after you complete the tutorial. This seems to mitigate all problems with linking your account.

Another huge issue has to do with compatibility, overheating, and lousy graphics on certain phones, especially Samsung phones, but also other brands of Android phone as well. Many of these issues require you to simply wait for a developer fix, but some of the other issues can be mitigated by turning down the graphics quality in the settings menu. This should help with performance and with slow phones.

Slow server performance is another common issue. This is simply due to the fact that the game is brand new and the developers are still trying to ramp the servers up to deal with the load of players downloading the game. Pokémon Go fans surely remember how bad the server issues can be in the early days of a game.

One solution here is to switch servers, but that might not be an option if you have already built up a character significantly on the server that you are currently on. Turning down the graphics quality is also a solution here, but the most successful solution might be to either play during hours when less players are online, or simply to wait for the developers to open more servers and then jump on a new server as soon as it comes out.

The PC version of the game has been reported to have major issues with graphics and resolution, as well as unusable UI in some areas. Specifically, the inventory has been reported to be useless.

One thing to remember about the PC version is that it is a Street port of the mobile version, not an independent build. This means that many of the same problems that come with emulating mobile games on PCs are going to be present here. The PC version is in beta mode, though, Mimi with lots of changes could be forthcoming in order to improve the quality of life.

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One huge issue that has come up with microtransactions is that cosmetic purchases seem to be bound to only one character on one server. You cannot use the cosmetic purchases for multiple characters on one server, and you cannot switch your main character to another server and keep your cosmetic purchases.

There is really no solution to this one. This is up to Blizzard to decide if they want to keep this way or not. As a player, the best thing that you can do is to vote with your dollars.

Device compatibility with certain phones has also been a big and unexpected issue. In order to solve this, instead of downloading the game on the Google Play Store, go to and download the game. Even though this is an alternate App Store, the game was uploaded by Blizzard itself, so it’s legit.