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Diablo Immortal: Character Classes Guide and Tier List

Diablo Immortal is a wildly popular new MMORPG for the PC, iOS, and Android platforms. You can engage and solo play, PVE, and PVP, and you can pick from one of six classes, each of which has entirely different play styles. Some classes are better all around, while other classes are specialists in one style of play.

Read on for a full tier list and a breakdown of all ofthe classes and characters in Diablo Immortal!

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The only S-tier class of character here, due to their all-around excellence, is the crusader. The crusader has the defense and life to be a perfect tank, yet they are faster and more agile than any other character except for the monk. The crusader also deals a significant amount of splash damage.

The only knock on the crusader is that their DPS damage is not as high as some of the other classes. This makes them slightly less effective at dealing with bosses. However, with all of their other strengths, they are all around the most versatile character in the game, and are tops in solo play, PVE, and PVP.


The barbarian is our first class of character in this tier. The reason for this is simple; they have significant life and defense to be a good tank character, yet they also dole out lots of damage, both of the DPS variety and the AOE variety. This makes them one of the best all-around fighters.

The main knock on the barbarian is that they have no ranged attacks and that they have no healing or support skills. The crusader might not have ranged attacks, but they do have healing and support moves, and this is one of the areas where the barbarian falls short.

The Demon Hunter is the second class to be put into this tier. The reason is that they deal a massive amount of ranged damage, and are able to deal all of that damage while they are on the run. So while this is a weak defensive class, they are able to mitigate that deficiency with their speed and their mobility, and by maintaining constant movement while they attack.


The characters that have been designated for this tier are here because they are excellent in one area of play, but mediocre in the others. The first character here is the necromancer. The main specialty of the necromancer is that they can turn dead enemies into undead bodyguards.

This works extremely well for solo play, because they can essentially summon an entire army to help them through a level, making both standard hordes and bosses much easier to deal with. This style of play doesn’t play well in PVE or PVP, though, because not only is their health and defense weak, but their attack is also weak.

The wizard falls under this tier simply because it is a worse version of the demon hunter. The wizard specializes in ranged attacks, both AOE and DPS, but it can’t attack while on the run, making it easier to head. The wizard also has weak health, so avoiding attacks is important.

The monk also falls under this tier because it is a specialist in PVE play, but is not quite as effective and solo play or PVP play. The main strengths of the monk are that it is fast and that it has lots of support spells.

The support spells work best in PVE play, where you team up with other players in order to tackle dungeons. This is because you’re boosting and healing moves will strengthen all of the other characters, thus making you heavily in demand for teambuilding.

This skill set doesn’t necessarily work as well in PVP and solo play, though. The one place where the monk has a strength here is with its speed. Its speed and maneuverability allow it to avoid attacks that other characters would not be able to avoid.