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Bingo Bling: Reviews – Is It a Scam or Legit?

Bingo Bling, by Game Story, is one of the most popular competitive cash game apps that claims to be able to earn you money in real life. As long as the game has been around, people have been searching before downloading, in an effort to figure out if this app is a scam or if it’s real and legit. Luckily, we have your answer.

To figure out whether an app is a scam or not, such as Bingo Bling, there are a few things to consider, the most important being the gameplay mechanics. In this game, your method of winning money in real life is betting against other players.

For example, you put up a dollar, your opponent puts up a dollar, and the winner takes all. Of course, the house also gets a cut, which is how the developer of the game makes money. This makes sense as ads do not run in the game, and there are no other in-app purchases besides loading cash to your account.

With apps that end up being scams, usually, the game shows you racking up large amounts of money for doing simple things, and multiplayer battles never enter into the equation. With this game, the money racks up slowly unless you are extremely, extremely good at bingo, and multiplayer battles are the entire point of the game.

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Check the reviews in the App Store and the Google Play Store to see what people think of the app. While reviews are obviously an imperfect science, what you can generally gather from them is that people are getting paid, and the legitimacy of this game is not coming into question.

Sure, there are frustrated players complaining about the difficulty of earning any money, but that’s simply because of the quality of competition; this game is played by plenty of older folks who are used to playing bingo in real life or on other apps, so the audience is a competitive one.

Is it difficult to earn money in this game? Yes. But that is actually something that works in its favor as far as pinpointing this game as legitimate. The easier it appears to be to earn money in a mobile game, especially a free one, the more likely it actually is that the game is a scam.

Many of the reviews are from players that have successfully been able to cash out, but many of the reviews have stated that there are problems with the developers when it comes to actually getting your money. They say that the developers will try to fight you and stonewall you, and glitches in the game will cause withdrawals to screw up. The developers are also notorious at being bad with solving tickets and performing customer service.

There are also plenty of reports about the game glitching endlessly once you start earning some money. This seems to be just as pervasive as withdrawal issues of other types, and these endless glitches also serve to prevent withdrawing one’s money.

Because there are plenty of players that have cashed out successfully, it appears that this game is probably legitimate; however, due to the difficulty of getting your money once you actually do cash out, and how much of a hard time the developers tend to give players, it might not be worth it. There are plenty of other competitive bingo apps with a similar format that will pay out when they say they will.