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Billionaire is a new iOS game that challenges gamers to become the eventual richest person in the world. It even has lists of both real life billionaires and fantastical fake ones (such as Smaug) for you to compare yourself to, and to eventually beat. You can buy a load of businesses and use them to get filthy rich, possibly becoming the first trillionaire in the game. Read on for some tips and tricks for Billionaire!

When you construct something, it will automatically be done within a certain amount of time. To speed that up, all that you have to do while you are playing actively is to tap on the building. Each tap will take a specific amount of time (beginning with 1.3 seconds per tap) off of the building. Tap rapidly while playing actively for a very quick end to the construction.

You can set the time ahead to collect all of your coins right away. Just set it ahead and then go back to the game. All of you coin coffers will be full and ready to be collected and all of your buildings that were under construction will now be completed. Collect from them and then continue playing the game as normal.
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The only problem with this, though, is that once you set the time back to normal, the game will throw you in “prison” for the amount of time that you cheated by, so do this trick right before you go to bed or whatever, so that when you set the time back to normal and then wait out your incarceration and do it all over again later on.

Keep an eye on your threat level. Some buildings will have a low threat level, while others will have a high threat level. The higher your overall threat level is, the more likely you are to have money and businesses confiscated by the IRS. Look for buildings such as the Community Center which drop your threat level.

Also, sell buildings that you don’t need, or that have a sky high threat level associated with them. Load up on buildings with a low threat level in order to offset that. Increase your net worth to unlock even more buildings. Your net worth is the worth of all of your buildings, plus all of your cash at the same time.

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