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Bid Wars 3 – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Bid Wars 3 is the latest installment of the popular pawn shop and storage auction simulator for the iOS and Android platforms. Much like what happens on Storage Wars and Pawn Stars, you can attend auctions and bid on storage units, then make money by selling or scrapping the contents of these units. You can compete against others, construct building in your city to earn even more money, upgrade almost everything on the map, and even build a collection of items that you can make money from and simply enjoy having.

Keep reading for a collection of tips and cheats for Bid Wars 3!

The vast majority of auctions that you enter in this game will actually end up profitable, although there are ways that you can ensure making as much money as possible. For one, when you are offered to sell everything that you can’t fit on the trailer, select the video advertisement option every time in order to sell it all for a profit. If you decide to sell for a loss, then you can still sometimes come out ahead depending on the bids that you get for more valuable items in the pawn shop, but it’s tougher to turn a profit.

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The best way to spend your gems is to purchase new slots in the warehouse, and upgrades that will last permanently, not speed-ups and other temporary boosts. One of the best ways to earn free gems is by completing the various missions that you are given throughout the game.

Gaining experience levels is important; in fact, it’s just as valuable as getting paid. Participate in as many auctions as possible in order to increase your experience level, complete missions and other forms of gameplay.

In the pawnshop, people will usually offer you a number higher than the estimated value for the items that you put in there, but sometimes, they will offer you less, including as much as 50% less. Whether you should take these offers or not depends on how much you will lose overall; for common items that aren’t worth much money, you can fairly easily afford to eat the loss. For high value items that would lead to huge losses if you accepted the offer, you can spend gems in order to renegotiate the deal.

The more money-making methods that you have open to you, the easier it will be to eat a loss in the pawnshop because you will be able to make that money up in other ways. Be sure to make sure that you are earning money in as many ways as possible by maxing out on rental properties and other side businesses.