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Duet Cats – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Duet Cats is a hugely popular music game for the iOS and Android platforms where you get to play with loads of the most popular songs, except that the lyrics are replaced with meowing, because, of course, it’s cats. you have both instrumental tracks and songs based off of popular music, with more music constantly being added, and with the ability to unlock new songs and cats all the time.

Read it on for a list of tips and tricks for Duet Cats!

In each stage, you have two cats to move around, And you have to use both farms to do it, one cat on the left side of the screen and went out on the right side. Food falls in four different columns based on the notes that are sung in the songs, and your goal is to eat all of the food and get three stars on each level.

Even if you don’t make it all the way through one particular stage, you can still earn one or two stars on the level, and that will count as a win. You will be able to replay that level as many times as you want in order to try to earn three stars and get more coins and points.

Each new song requires you to watch one advertisement video in order to unlock it. Once you unlock the song, then it will stay unlocked and you won’t have to watch another advertisement video for it again. So in order to unlock every single song in the game, all it takes is a series of advertisement videos and some patience.

When it comes to unlocking new cats, though, there is one way to unlock most of them, and that involves spending coins. Coins are earned by playing levels, and the better you do at a particular song, the more coins you will earn from playing it. Those coins can then be spent on unlocking a new cat.

There are some new cats that cannot be unlocked using coins; for some of them, the method of unlocking will be advertisement videos. For other ones, the way to unlock them will be logging into the game for multiple days in a row; the more days in a row that are required, the rarer that the cat is.

You can also unlock new types of food. You start the game with ice cream, of course, but there are various types of food that you can unlock, such as donuts or sushi. Coins can unlock some food, as can watching advertisement videos.

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Wednesday 26th of April 2023

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