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Feeding and Grow 3D Fish: Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Feeding and Grow 3D Fish is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where you start off playing as a small fish, and your goal is to gain experience levels by eating creatures until you grow into a larger fish. At first, you have to watch out for the big fish, but as you progress, you will be able to eat them to you.

Plus, you can earn coins, purchase new fish, and start at a bigger size than before, giving you a huge advantage.

Read on for a list of tips and tricks for Feeding and Grow 3D Fish!

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When you first begin, stick close to the ground and eat seahorses, starfish, and urchins, because they are small, they don’t move, and you can eat them reliably for a good while. Do this until you hit around experience level 5.

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With each experience level, you get bigger, and the larger that you are, the more that you will be able to eat other fish instead of having them to eat you. Once you hit level 5, that will be the start of being able to compete against larger fish.

You don’t need to use the bite button in order to eat creatures; if your fish is close enough, then it will automatically start biting. However, if you get attacked by another fish, hammer the bite button as quickly as you can to attack back, because not only will each bite recover your Health, but if you can eat the fish before it eats you, you have a shot at recovering all of your Health and healing levels quickly.

Every time that you play, there will be at least two treasure chests on the ground. Approach them and you will be prompted to watch an advertisement video. After the video ends, you will earn between 10 and 100 coins.

These coins can be used to purchase new fish. These fish are not just for aesthetic purposes; starting with a larger fish will actually give you a significant advantage right from the beginning, to the point where you can skip the step of eating ground creatures for the first five levels. Some fish are also faster or slower than others, and some fish have more or less health than others.

After you eat another fish, be sure to collect all of the meat that’s floating around in the aftermath. The meat is worth a massive amount of experience points, and if you had to battle with the other fish in order to eat it, the meat will help restore your health.

Eating other fish and their meat also gives you coins, not just experience points. Once you get to a high enough level where you can eat the larger creatures, such as stingrays, eating them will be the fastest way to earn coins, even more so than collecting treasure chests.

Once you get to a high enough experience level, your fish will become so big that it can hardly move, can never be eaten by any other fish, and the graphics will start glitching strangely. There is no endgame here; when the game becomes unplayable, you can either simply eat the largest fish possible to rack up the coins, or you can return to the menu and start over.


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