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Pixel Drop – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Pixel Drop is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms where your goal is to survive the attacks from the dropped hordes of little alien pixels. You can progress from level to level, compete against bosses and unlock all kinds of new characters to use. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pixel Drop!

The main thing to do in the game in order to make it to the next level is tap the screen and move your characters. Move your characters into a position where they will avoid the next group of pixelated characters. If they are already out of the way of them, then no additional tap on the screen is needed. Just let the line of pixel enemies flow by.

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Bosses can arguably be even easier than the regular characters. For the bosses, they typically have two attacks – lasers and dropping pixel enemies. The lasers will show up with plenty of warning beforehand to show what position they will drop in so you know where to avoid on the screen. The dropping enemies will essentially be more of what you face in the non-boss parts.

The first time that you beat a level, you will get only one star when you do. If you want to get the other stars, g back to it and play again. You’ll have to progress farther in order to get to the boss. One you’re fighting for the third star, you’ll have to go to the full length of the level before you get to the boss, and then once you beat the boss you will get your next star.

You can earn new characters as you progress forward in the game. Every time that you earn 500 coins, you will get a free spin at the Gacha, a Japanese pinball style gambling game. The Gacha will earn you a random character. The characters all perform the same, but the pixel icon of both your characters and the enemy characters will all change.

Each of the characters is a pixelated take on a pre-existing character, such as Mario, Link, and Sonic). The left side ones tend to be either villains, objects, or other items from the series. Also, ignore the one pixel character that always seems to be falling faster than the others. They’re always going to line up with the smaller characters when they pass the threshold.