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Space Frontier – How to unlock all rockets and upgrade your rockets

Space Frontier is a new space exploration game by Ketchapp for the iOS and Android platforms. Your goal is to tap as late as possible to shoot your rocket as high as possible, without accidentally blowing it up in the middle of your space run. You can upgrade your rocket to unimaginable levels, as well as unlock a whole host of new rockets. Read on for some tips on upgrading and unlocking rockets in Space Frontier!

Unlocking rockets is a fairly straightforward thing, but it requires coins in order to do so. First, go off on a few launches. When you launch your rocket, use the above tactics to shoot it as high as you can. For every 10 points that your rocket earns you, you will earn 1 coin, so once you start shooting up to 2,000+ points, you will earn 200+ coins per run.

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Upgrade your rockets in order to earn the most coins possible. Buy an upgrade and you will get more stages to your rocket. This automatically means that you will go farther as you purchase more upgrades because the more stages there are to the rocket, the higher you will be able to shoot. Just make sure to time each tap correctly.

Every once in awhile you will get an offer to watch a video for more coins. Early on each video will be worth a small amount of coins, but as you purchase more upgrades, the coin worth will grow higher and higher. Eventually, you will get to the point where the videos themselves are worth more than the actual rounds that you play.

Each new rocket will cost 400 coins. Around level 5 or so, you’ll be earning so many coins that a new rocket will be almost nothing to you, compared to your coin earnings. Rockets don’t change the gameplay, they merely change the appearance of everything, so you’ll be able to earn as many new rockets as you want.

Each new upgrade to the rockets will cost double what the last one did, but they will be worth it due to how much more you can earn every time that you upgrade. So keep upgrading and you’ll end up with a massive amount of stages that you can unlock for each of your rockets. The further you get into the game this way, the easier it will be to buy new rockets.