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Word Smash: How To Win Real-Life Money For Free

Word Smash is a new word hunting game for the iOS and Android platforms with a twist. This game allows you to play and earn real-life money while still playing the style of word game that you love.

Read on to find out how to win real-life money in Word Smash!

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Like most WORDsearch games, this one is a pretty straightforward experience. Words are hidden within a jumble of letters, and usually they will be based around a level theme. You have to find one word at a time.

Sometimes words won’t be obvious until after you clear other words that are blocking them. So clear one word first, and another one will usually show up.

Each time you play a level, you use one life, or one heart. Once you run out of hearts, you have to wait for them to regenerate so that you can play again. Another option is to watch an ad video for more hearts, which becomes available immediately after you zero out your hearts.

As you get deeper into the game, the levels will get harder and harder, to the point where you have to guess which word to clear first, because there will be multiple words that are possible at a time. If you clear the wrong word, then it might become impossible to clear the next batch of words.

Also, as you go further into the game, the number of words per Stege will increase significantly. Early on in the game, it will just be 3 to 5 words per level. Once you get Into the triple digit levels and higher, not only will there be far more words per level, but there will also be longer words scattered around each level.

After every four levels or so, you will earn a little bit of money. Bonuses will come along and other forms as well. For example, you will be able to watch advertisement videos in order to get additional prizes after beating levels. Make sure to take every bonus that you get.

Also, when you win cash after every fourth level, you will be able to double it by watching an advertisement video. So make sure that you use that option.

There are two options when it comes to cashing out the money that you win in this game. One option is to get your cash count up above $50, and then cash out your earnings. You can do this no matter how far you’ve gotten into the game, just as long as your cash is high enough.

The second option is to make it past level 300, and then cash out with him. You only need a minimum of one dollar to be able to cash out after you pass level 300. Considering that you go far above one dollar just to levels into the game, this should be an easy achievement.

Both of these cash out options come in the form of PayPal payments. So make sure that you have a PayPal account if you want to win the money. Of course, from PayPal you can then transfer it to your bank account, or to Venmo.


Tuesday 12th of April 2022