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Words on Tour – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Words on Tour is a new word puzzle game by Zynga that presents itself as a continuation of the Words with Friends franchise. This one has the familiar tiles, but they are divided into stages and your goal is to make words, score a certain amount of points or find the secret word, and move onto the next stage with up to a three-star score. Read on for some tips and tricks for Words on Tour!

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Always try to go for the biggest word that you can find. If you can’t find a good big word, try turning the phone sideways or upside down. All of the tiles will shift with the phone when you turn it, and while the possible word combinations will be the same, seeing them in a different order will make it easy to see if there is something else.

With the tiles that clear out a whole line, those turn too, so turn the phone if you want to change the direction of the line that you clear. If a tile will clear from top to bottom, then turn it sideways and it will still clear from top to bottom (meaning from side to side in the original orientation of the screen).

The special tiles will clear the same line, though, no matter which letter you start on and which letter you end up on. Other sites report that the last letter of your word is the one where the combination will start, but that isn’t true and it shows that they have not actually played the game. It’s always the actual location of the special tile.

If you run out of lives, you can ask your friends on Facebook for an extra life. Most likely you’ll have a whole lot of friends who play the game, so ask everyone. Don’t claim your lives until you run completely out of the ones you have. You’ll lose a life if you lose a stage, but if you beat a stage, no lives lost.

If you have no friends who play the game on Facebook, then your next best recourse is to add people who do. Otherwise, if you don’t want to add randoms, start up a second Facebook account, for games only, and find people who want to be added (the article comments, Facebook fan groups, the App Store review page etc) and add them, then you can send lives back and forth to your heart’s content.