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Pickle Pete: Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Pickle Pete is a new roguelike shooter for the iOS and Android platforms, where you star as a mutant pickle who can wield tons of weapons at the same time, and whose goal is to knock off endless hordes of zombies. You can wield an almost limitless variety of weapons and items, progress through various levels while earning gems and gold, and even purchase a full suite of equipment upgrades.

There are tons of weapons and gear that you can equip in this game, and we’ll also go over what are the best and worst setups and builds, and the best mutations.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Pickle Pete!

To put it as simply as possible, the key to surviving each wave is simply to avoid getting hit by all means. This means that if you have to miss out on picking up some pickles or knocking out a couple of enemies, then that’s fine, as long as you make it to the end of the wave.

Pickles that get left on the floor at the end of the way we’ll get sent to your pickle jar. While they might not be useful immediately, they will empty out every time you collect a pickle in the next wave, which causes the value of each pickle to double until your pickle jar hits a quantity of zero. This means that even if you skip pickles, it only takes a single wave for them to be useful.

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In between rounds, you will get two different types of upgrades. The first upgrade occurs for every level that you gain during the battle. The second upgrade happens after the wave is done and before you start the next wave.

The upgrades that are available for leveling up tend to be statistical boosts, such as increases in general or specific attack power, critical hit percentage, defense and health, and more. These upgrades are organized by rarity; color list choices are the most common, while green, then blue, then purple, then orange, then red are the most rare, in order of least rare to rarest.

The post wave upgrades tend to be available for pickles. This consists of both weapons and items; you can equip up to six weapons at a time, but you can also equip an unlimited amount of items. If you purchase a duplicate weapon, then it will merge into the next highest rarity version of the same weapon.

Be sure to maximize the equipment that you get, and try to fill all of your equipment slots as quickly as possible. Additionally, upgrade your equipment as much as possible; there is no downside to this. Even when you get equipment of a higher tier later, you will be able to reset your equipment to get back all of your coins and equipment shards, so that you can quickly upgrade your higher tier equipment.

Talents are also a very important part of upgrading. Each consecutive talent that you purchase costs more coins, but talents are a permanent upgrade that lasts no matter what equipment you use, and it’s one of the best upgrades that you can purchase.

When you unlock the store area, you will be able to purchase chests, as well as purchase individual pieces of equipment. The daily deals will reset every 24 hours, so be sure to check back every day so that you can find something you really like. Additionally, be sure to consistently come and exhaust every method for free gems as possible.

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There are a lot of different weapons in this game, both melee and ranged, and both DPS and AOE, so there are a lot of different opinions on there about what the best weapons in the game are. The truth is, the best weapons are the ones that fit best with your playing style, and since you have six different weapons lots, it can be very good to equip a wide variety of weapons. Just make sure that you have the right weaponry to take down both groups and bosses.

Once you get far enough into the game, you will unlock mutations, which are permanent boosts that can be earned and equipped forever on your character. Each mutation requires two vials of green liquid, and the more of them you have, the better your chances. Unlike talents, mutations are not random, so look through every single one of them and figure out which boost is your favorite before unlocking it.

The best build starts and ends with regeneration, which allows your hit points to regenerate with time, one per second to 3 per second depending on the upgrade level. After that, the best build or best setup is more down to your playing style and the chapter that you’re on than anything else.

Melee weapons tend to be the best for dealing with large waves of melee enemies. Ranged weapons tend to be the best at dealing with enemies that fire shots. Since different chapters have different enemies, that changes the equation depending on the chapter.