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Pickle Pete: Best Characters and Heroes Guide

Pickle Pete is a new roguelike shooter for the iOS and Android platforms, where you star as a mutant pickle who can wield tons of weapons at the same time, and whose goal is to knock off endless hordes of zombies. Not only that, but with some of the more recent additions to the game, you can play with several other characters besides Pete. Each character has their own strengths and weaknesses, their own special abilities, and their own appearance.

Read on for a list of all characters from best to worst and how to unlock them in Pickle Pete!

In order to unlock the new characters feature, first, you have to get your player level to 9. Be sure to play as frequently as possible, get as far as you can, collect your offline rewards, and collect your quick rewards in order to make this process as quick as possible. Once you reach level nine, the hero function will unlock within the equipment tab.

From there, tap the button that says “characters“. This will allow you to choose between characters, and you will be able to pick any one of them that you have already unlocked. You can use gems in order to unlock characters, or you can make an or you can make a purchase using real money, and then use vials and coins to upgrade them.

Some characters are better than others, which is something that is easy to figure out because some of them cost more than others, but that is not the only way to tell which ones are better. In order, these are the characters from worst to best:

The worst character in the game, of course, is Pickle Pete, the character that you start with. This is because he has no special abilities during or after rolling, and he has no base statistical boosts compared to any of the other characters. Every other character in the game will be an upgrade over him.

Mr Peely is the second worst character in the game. His statistics are the second worst, but they are boosted, and when you are rolling, your movement speed will increase by 25% after the end of the role; while this is barely noticeable, it is a bit of a boost.

Pea Man is the third worst character in the game, despite the expensive price. He is tied for four other characters for having the best statistics, but where he loses rank is the special ability, which increases his pick up radius by 200% when he rolls. This is a significant amount, but the role is so quick that you will pick up hardly any pickles because of this.

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Willy the Weiner is the third best character in the game, simply because he’s the cheapest way to get maximum statistics out of your character. His special ability is the ability to have a 30% faster attack speed after the end of a rule, which is hard to notice, but is somewhat significant.

Cobby the Corn is the second best character in the game. He has the maximum possible statistics for a character, in a tie with three other characters, and his special ability is to drop a pipe bomb at the end of rolling. This pipe bomb can do a significant amount of damage to a wide range of enemies, providing a huge advantage against large crowds.

Eggplant Eddie is the single best character in the game. He is also tied with three other characters for the best statistics in the game, but where he really stands out is with his special ability, which gives you a shockwave at the very end of rolling. This will do damage to a wide area, as well as have knockback powers, and it will fire off instantly, unlike the bomb.


Thursday 8th of February 2024

Each character have different boost when you upgrade to some levels (every 10 levels/milestone). The boost does to all characters, so I would like to know each characters have what boost on its milestone.