Zombie Blast Crew: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

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Zombie Blast Crew is a new twin-stick shooter for the iOS and Android where you run and gun through levels loaded with zombies in order to make it to the next goal, while using every weapon, trap, and item in your arsenal to ensure that you don’t get taken out.

You can face off against zombies, earn gold coins and gems, get a whole assortment of weapons and other items, ranging from common to rare to epic, all in an effort to score the coveted three-star score on every level that you can.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Zombie Blast Crew!

One of the stars requires you to finish the level with more than 5% of your health left. In order to do that, make sure to take hit and run maneuvers so that you don’t get attacked, or if you do, you lose minimum amounts of life. Run backwards, congregate zombies together, and shoot.

When you get to the circle that you’re supposed to get to, place a turret inside of it and go to the other side of the circle, letting the turret take out the zombies in the process. Most of the time they’ll start getting away from it, though, so you’ll have to start running and shooting again.

When using a grenade, get a big group of zombies, then run in a wide circle and trick them into congregating together. Then, lob a grenade at them and you’ll take out a ton of them at once. This is a great way to “smartbomb” them right before getting inside of one of the circle goals.

Each character comes equipped with their own specific primary weapon, so if you want to change weapons, level up and change characters. Once you level up enough to unlock a character, you’ll be able to find them in chests that you earn by beating levels. Or, you can buy the unlock using coins (but not buy the character themselves yet).

If you want free chests, coins, and gems, hit the shop frequently to claim them. You can claim five free gems and 100 free coins every 24 hours, with each one requiring an ad video. Free chests can be claimed far more frequently; you can claim them every hour or so from the store, also with ad videos. They’ll contain various equipment and character cards.

Different equipment will also have different levels of rarity. The equipment with the gray cards is common equipment. Equipment cards with blue borders are the rare ones. Equipment cards with the purple borders are rare/epic ones. Rare and epic equipment is harder to find in chests, even if you have already unlocked it by leveling up to the required level.

If you need to get more stars to unlock a star chest and are stuck on a particular level, go to previous levels that you hadn’t earned all three stars on yet, and try them again. Start with the oldest level, and then work your way upward, until you three-star everything. This is an easy way to get better equipment and/or upgrades to help strengthen you and get out of the rut.

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