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Final Fantasy Record Keeper – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a game that had been stuck in development hell for a LONG time – it was originally planned for the Motorola RAZR, of all things. This new iOS and Android release, as it is now, is the best f2p game that Square has released in a long time, or possibly ever, bringing the old school Final Fantasy battle systems to modern mobile gaming, without the IAP element being burdensome at all. Turn the sound up and you can hear some classic Nobuo Uematsu battle music. Read on for some tips and tricks for Final Fantasy Record Keeper!

Considering what kind of game this is, your main method of improving your characters is just as it was in the old Final Fantasy games – grind and grind and grind. Fight battles and gain levels, and to expedite this, take characters to their native realms. For example, use Cloud in the FFVII realm, and Tidus in the FFX realm. Characters used in their native realms will gain double the experience points.

Equip characters with weapons and other equipment from their native realms as well so that they can get additional bonuses. In between battles, enhance your weapons and equipment in two ways. You can either upgrade it by sacrificing unused equipment to power up your rarer equipment, or you can combine two identical pieces of equipment to increase their rarity level and base stats. To do the latter, they have to be at least two stars to begin with.

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Gems and Mythril are the two premium currencies of this game. Gems can only be acquired through purchasing them in the in-app purchase store, but you’re not required to in order to advance in the game. Mythril is acquired from beating dungeons. The higher your scores in each dungeon, the more likely you are to win Mythril, but generally it only happens if it’s your first time playing said dungeon or if it’s an event dungeon that’s specific to Mythril.

Auto-battling has its uses, although you will have to know its limitations. For grinding it works awesomely, but none of your limit breaks, magic or abilities will ever be put to use. In order to use them you’re going to have to take the game out of auto. Auto is most effective with all physical attack-based characters. White and black mages, and other magic users, generally suck at auto-battling due to their low physical attack power and reliance on magic.

There are a billion different elementals in this game, so use your best guesswork and you’ll figure out enemy weaknesses the majority of the time. Counter any fire enemy with water and ice attacks, any metal enemy with lightning, or any light enemy with “mist” or “pearl” in its name, or something similar, with dark attacks. These are all just examples. Experiment to find out what spells are most effective against what enemies.