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The Crossing Dead: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

I guess it was only a matter of time before Crossy Road clones started hitting the App Store, but this one’s a good one. The Crossing Dead has the Minecraftian graphics and hopping physics of Crossy Road, combined with zombie-shooting gameplay. Your goals are to go as far as you can, don’t let zombies get you, and of course, avoid obstacles, as well as unlock the multitude of new characters in this game. Read on for some tips and tricks for The Crossing Dead!

Unlike in Crossy Road, The Crossing Dead allows you to hop backwards, without the threat of getting killed by anything. In fact, you can hop back as far as you need to in order to get away from the zombies that are constantly chasing you, or to get unstuck if you get trapped anywhere.

Killing zombies won’t get you anything, although if you want to earn something, pick up the coins and the special items that you find around. Coins will allow you to purchase new characters. Some characters, however, will be available only with the special items that you pick up. For example, the firefighter, Mr. July, can only be unlocked using the six flames. Walker can be unlocked by picking up four walkers.

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Premium characters will give you extra bonuses, but can only be purchases for real life money. Mr. Moneybags will earn you a double coin multiplier, and purchasing him will give you 200 free coins. Purchasing Rocky will let you start with the M16. Purchasing Hockey Fan will start you off with the chainsaw. Purchasing Bob the Defender will give you a starting shotgun. Purchasing Kryton will start you with the laser cannon. They will also give bonuses for their respective weapons for every character.

Collect coin magnets, speed ups and shields for extra boosts as well. If you run out of good characters to purchase, go to the in game store and you can upgrade all three of these power-ups to increase their duration of effectiveness, upgrade the chainsaw, and double the ammo of each of your available weapons.

Zombies can only move down, left, or right. Zombies cannot move up, so if a zombie is behind you, you can hang out above it for as long as you want. Also, watch out for speeding police cars in the street. Don’t hang out in the street for too long if you don’t want to get killed off quickly.