Transformers Legends Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, cheats and strategies

Transformers Legends is a new card battling game for the iOS and Android platforms which, of course, is based around the Transformers universe. It comes with a few more twists than the usual card battler, such as actually having to shoot down enemy missiles during missions, and the ability to collect weapon cards as well as both the original and transformed version of each autobot and decepticon cards. Read on for some tips and tricks for Transformers Legends!

The biggest tip of all is, when you see a Special Episode flash across your screen, sign into it immediately. If your experience level isn’t high enough, do missions until you increase it. Then, tap on the join button and join, and usually you’ll get a massive amount of rewards, including silver and gold medals, simply for joining. Participate for even more medals.

Once you do, open the space bridge and load up on uncommon and rare or super rare cards. Then battle them against weaker players, win battles, spend battle points in the space bridge and you’ll earn weapon cards. Go to the Team tab and tap “edit”, tap a card and you’ll see in its profile what weapon (if any) it’s equipped with. Equip it with the strongest weapons possible.

Once you build up a big card collection, start trans-scanning all of the cards that you possibly can. If the game gives you an error when you try to trans-scan, then that means that one or both of the cards you’re trying to scan is (are) in your active party. Remove it in order to continue.

If you want to build up super-powerful trans-scanned cards, then level two matching cards up to the maximum level possible before you trans-scan them. The new trans-scanned card will be 50% more powerful than the two old ones, plus an extra 10% each from both card. So with this in mind, max level any two matching cards and trans-scan them and the new card will be back down to level 1, yet its stats will be based off of the old max-level cards. It’s entirely possible to have insanely powerful common cards this way.