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Transformers: Battle Tactics – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Transformers: Battle Tactics is a new game for the iOS and Android. Your goal here is to build a team of four robots, then fight against other players and their teams of four robots. Your goal, of course, is to beat them, but even if you do not beat them, you can still collect resources, cyber coins, gold and a bunch of other goodies, which can help you to build a far stronger team. Sure, it can be tough to beat the pay-to-play folks who buy all kinds of gold, but it’s nowhere near impossible to do so. Read on for some tips and tricks for Transformers: Battle Tactics!

Hit the ship’s bridge often because even if you decide not to spend money on purchasing gold, there are still two free drops you can get. The base drops and the deluxe drops can be had with time, not money, and they contain both cyber coins, different parts for constructing unlocked transformers, and even sometimes new transformers or gold. Enabling push notifications is a good way to get a reminder whenever one of the drops becomes available to collect.

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Use your cybercoins to upgrade the units that you already have in order to strengthen them, so that they can take on tougher players of your tier. You will get matched up against other players in the same tier, and if you upgrade tiers too quickly, you will end up losing most of your battles against them but by upgrading the level of your characters, they will become more powerful and better able to match up against tougher players.

In addition, pay attention to the mix of characters in your team because with the right mix, you can earn a set bonus. Go to the “set bonus” area to see what the potential bonuses are. This area is inside of the “Edit Team” menu. Set bonuses will give a buff to your entire team, which, even with teams that have slightly worse stats than the other player, can sometimes push you over the edge in a tough battle.

Various abilities also make a difference in battle. You won’t always need to re-spin, so don’t always waste ability points on that or on targeting. Instead, try something different, such as using your ability points to build toward an air strike. If you can survive the first turn against a tough enemy, you’ll often gain the major advantage during the second turn by hammering them with an airstrike first. Also, using a photon strike, which costs two ability points, can provide a much needed boost against a tough enemy.

If the performance of the game is slowing down, or if you want to keep playing for as long as possible without having to charge your phone or tablet, go to the settings menu, go to the performance submenu and turn on battery saver mode. This will tweak the graphics down a bit so that batteries won’t run out as quickly, but if you are playing on a slow phone, then the additional side effect of speeding up the game will also happen. It won’t make much of a speed difference if you are playing on a phone that was released within the last year or two, though.