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Grand Sphere – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, How to Beat, and Strategy Guide

Grand Sphere is a new RPG for the iOS and Android platform with a unique new battle system. This RPG, which is by Silicon Studios (the company behind Bravely Default and Fantasica) sends you off in a hunt for Queen Stella, who was kidnapped right out from under your nose. Not only can you set off on a huge batch of quests, you can fight in the arena against other players and build a massive collection of characters, both common and rare. Read on for some tips and tricks for Grand Sphere!

In battle, be sure to mind the elements. Red beats green, which beats blue, which beats red, and then yellow and purple (light and dark) beat each other. Generally, one area of the world map will have enemies who fall into one element, though arena parties will tend to be multi-elemental.

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Slide characters back and forth over various spheres to choose the best character for activation. Weak characters should use boost spheres, such as attack up. Strong characters should use attack spheres or healing spheres, as they will have a stronger effect based off of that character’s stats. And when at all possible, match the element of the sphere to the element of the character for an even bigger boost.

You can level up your party members if you need a boost by going back to old levels and playing them again. Another option is to go to the “Enhance” area, where you can sacrifice unneeded characters in order to power up the ones that are in your active party. Generally, use common characters as material units and use rare characters as the base units.

Once a character reaches its max level, you can evolve it to add one star to its star rarity. You’ll need a specific batch of material items in order to evolve a character, and you will need Luna as well. Once a character evolves its level will reset and its base stats will improve greatly. Then you can enhance them again, or go back to an old level and fight again. All characters can evolve twice at the most.

Gems are the premium currency of the game. Go to the shop and scout for new characters whenever you have enough gems to do so – this is the main way to get rare characters – although there are ways to earn them without spending gems, especially in the arena or by special events.