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Hero Wars: Fantasy World – Full Unlock Guide: Grand Arena, Guilds, Tournament of the Elements, Tower, Airship, and more!

Hero Wars: Fantasy World is a wildly popular mobile RPG with a cartoony style that brings to mind elements of old-school mobile RPGs. You start off with Campaign mode, but as you get farther into the game, you can unlock the Arena, Grand Arena, Guilds, the Tournament of the Elements, the Airship, the Outland, the Tower, and more.

Read on for a full guide on how to unlock everything, and what each new game mode is for, in Hero Wars: Fantasy World!


The Arena is one of the first new things that you can unlock. This unlocks at Player Level 10. You can participate in PvP battles against other players, using teams of up to five heroes at a time. You and other players will fight to climb the rankings and earn the best rewards.

Rewards are paid out in Arena Coins, Gold, Exp Potions, and Emeralds. All fights will happen automatically, and will take place in two minutes or less. If you don’t defeat your opponents within a two minute period, you lose.

You get five free tries per day in the Arena, but you can purchase more tries for Emeralds. The cool-down after each fight is one minute.

Grand Arena

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This is one of the last things to unlock, at Player Level 50. This differs from the standard Arena in that you set three teams of up to 5 heroes apiece. Your goal is to win two out of three rounds, like in the Street Fighter series – if you win the first two matches, a third one is not played.

Just like the Arena, the Grand Arena gives you 5 tries per day for free and each round is two minutes long. The cooldown after each round is 10 minutes here.

Rewards generally consist of Grand Arena coins, Which can be used to purchase premium goods in the Grand Arena shop. You’ll earn passive Grand Arena Coins per hour depending on your ranking too.

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Tournament of the Elements

This is a special game mode where Titans fight against Titans, and unlike other game modes, this is not server specific. All servers fight against each other at a time in this mode. This tournament is located inside of Titan Valley, which requires you to have Player Level 35.

There are six total stages in the Titan Tournament, with each being much harder than the last, and you have unlimited free tries at each stage. You’ll earn Elemental Tournament Coins as a reward, which can be used at the Titan Valley Merchant for special rewards.

In addition to the Elemental Tournament Coins, you will also get Essence of the Elements if you win, and Elemental Tournament Points whether you win or lose. This is true for both the attack and defense modes.

Elemental Spirits can be used in battle alongside your titans. Artifacts can also be equipped on your Titans, up to three per Titan, in order to boost their battle performance. With high-leveled artifacts, you can gain Titan Sparks of Power bonuses in battle, too.


There are two different types of Outland battles. The Highwaymen battles are available after Player Level 18, and the Masters battles are available after Player Level 25. You can fight against sets of bosses in exchange for treasure.

The Highwaymen battles will reward you with various chests of differing rarity in exchange for winning. The Masters battles will reward you with Outland Coins, Skin Stones, and special heroes.

Outland Coins can be spent in the Outland shop for exclusive bonuses. Skin Stones can be used to buy new skins and upgrade your existing skins. New heroes, of course, give you rare new options to be added to your team in any mode.


The Tower allows you to fight up 50 floors of battles, in exchange for Gold, Tower Coins, and new equipment for your heroes, and becomes available after Player Level 40. Each floor contains stronger and stronger enemies, so always make sure that your heroes are as fully upgraded as possible before taking on the towers.

If you get stuck in any other game mode due to difficulty, hit the Towers for great rewards. Use your Tower rewards to power up your team to take on the level you’re stuck at, and make sure to spend your Tower Coins wisely.


Guilds unlock at Player Level 30. Here you can create or join a Guild, which opens up all sorts of new game modes, such as Guild Wars and earning Guild Points, then spending them. You can exchange Guild Points for gold and runes, and other goodies.

Guild Wars are held during weekdays, where Guild members can donate heroes and titans for battle. The wars play out very similarly to a board game, with all sorts of attack and defense positions.

War Trophies can be won in battle, then spent in the Guild War Shop. There are Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Qualifying Leagues, with the higher leagues being tougher, but packing better rewards.


Player Level 20 is when you unlock the Airship. Airship mode allows you to send out your heroes on unique expeditions, in order to find rare Artifacts that you can equip them with. Each hero can equip up to three Artifacts, each of which can be leveled up and evolved, as well.

Glyphs and Runes

Glyphs can be crafted inside of the Guild Forge once you unlock Guild mode (at player level 30) and join a Guild. You can enchant up to five Glyphs per character, which improve a specific stat for a character.

Runes can be earned by completing specific daily tasks, and can be used to enchant Glyphs. You can get Common, Rare, and Great Enchantment Runes, which give 10, 50, or 100 Enchant Points to a Glyph. This levels up the Glyphs and increases the stat boost that your hero gets from them.


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