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Brave Frontier – Top 12 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Brave Frontier is one of the newest and most popular RPGs for the iOS and Android platforms, and has taken over both of the app stores. You can quest through single-player mode, battle in the arena, challenge yourself in ludicrously difficult side quests known as Vortex Gates, engage in raid battles, or do some combination of all of the above. Brave Frontier starts off fairly easy, but once you get past the first hour or so of gameplay, it doesn’t stay that way. Read on for the top 12 tips and tricks for Brave Frontier!

12) Enhance your top party with fusion.
This is one of the basics of the game. You do this through the “units” menu in the tutorial, and whenever the going gets too tough, make this your first solution. Enhancing is the only way to level up your units, which increases every single one of their statistics.

11) For tough quests and element-specific Vortex Gates, put together element-specific parties.
Elementals work in a Rock Paper Scissors sort of fashion. Fire beats Earth (green). Earth beats Thunder (yellow). Thunder beats Water (blue). Water beats Fire (red). Light and Dark units are strong against each other. For tough missions, put together a party consisting of the strong element for that particular quest (I.E. for the earth-themed Forest of Beasts, have a fire party, or for the water-based Cave of Flames, have a thunder party).

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10) Cheat the Arena by pressing the “back” button after you hit “Enter” to skip out on a specific player.
This will send you back to the Enter button screen. Hit enter again and a new player will pop up. Keep doing this until you find a player who you want to battle, preferably one with a lousy win/loss record or who is a lower experience level than you.

9) Rank up in the arena to earn all kinds of rewards.
Each time you increase your rank in the arena, you will earn a reward as compensation. Check the Rank Info button to see what the reward is for your next rank up. Ranking up from Rookie to Novice rewards you with one gem, while ranking up from Novice to Amateur earns you a Mech Sword.

8) Use your town’s item area to load up on goods, especially cures.
The cure to most difficult battles is, quite literally, a huge set of cures. Use your karma to upgrade the synthesizer to earn the ability to get more items, such as revives and strategic battle aids that boost your attack/defense.

7) Synthesizes spheres and equip one per party member.
Spheres require craft materials as well – rarer ones than the items do. Each team member can equip one single sphere, which will provide a stat boost. The rarer the sphere, the better the boost, so keep upgrading your Spheres area and defeating tough event battles to find rarer and better spheres.

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