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Doki Doki Palace: Exchange Code List and Guide

Doki Doki Palace is a new strategy RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. This game features loads of anime monster wifey characters that you can recruit and train, send them into battle, progressed through the story mode with, and even battle against other players.

Exchange codes are codes that have been added by the developer that can be redeemed for free gifts and prizes. These codes are given out on a semi-regular basis via various sources. They act similarly to cheat codes in old school video games, in that you can enter a code and receive a free reward, but codes are constantly added and changing.

Read on for a list of exchange codes, how to find more of them, and how to redeem them in Doki Doki Palace!

In order to use these codes, first, you have to get all the way through the tutorial at the beginning of the game. When you are able to tap wherever you want to, tap on your avatar in the top left corner of the screen first.

Next, tap the settings button. After you do that, tap the button that says “code exchange“.

Once you do that, a text box will pop up. Enter your code in the box, then confirm it, and as long as the code is working and current, you will receive your free rewards.

To start finding codes, especially with a new game like this, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and start looking all around the review section. Scroll up and down the reviews the players are leaving for the game, and look for any review that includes a code. If you happen to have a code and you don’t see a post in, then leave a review and include the code in it.

Next, go to the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media page for the game. Look at the posts, announcements, pictures, and other parts of the page to see if any of them include codes or CDKeys. Oftentimes the developers put them on social media first.

Check all of the available social media pages, not just one, because developers sometimes run contests that are exclusive to one social media page. This is so that they can boost their subscriber accounts on all of their active platforms, not just one of them. Check every single one for as many different codes as possible.

Look on the Subreddit for this game too, because oftentimes codes pop up there before they pop up most other places, especially other websites. Players love to post codes once they get them, so use that to your advantage, and if you have an account there, contribute some of your own codes as well.

Another great place to look is on the Discord page for the game. Go to all of the available rooms in the channel and look for codes. You can also use the search bar at the top of the screen and type in “codes“ or “CDKeys“ to search for posts containing those phrases, to make the search easier.

YouTube and Twitch are great sources for codes, because video streamers love to promote their own channels using codes. The developers love it too, because they will sometimes share codes exclusively with content creators, so that they can use their built-in audience to promote the game. Even if there aren’t any live streams going on at the time, check archived streams or videos.

As of right now, the following codes are current and working in Doki Doki Palace:



That’s all that we have her now, but be sure to keep checking back, because as we find more coats, we will add them to the article. Additionally, if you have codes that you don’t see posted here, then put them in the comment section, or simply read the comment section to try to get more codes that our readers have added.

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