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Kiss of War: List of Gift Exchange Codes and How To Get More Of Them

Kiss of War is a new MMORTS game by old-school mobile developer Tap4fun that’s set during the time of World War II, allowing you to play as Russia, the USA, or Germany, but replacing all of the officers with scantily-clad women. You can build power, earn gold and resources, attack and defend against other players, and become the most powerful base in the European side of the war.

You have plenty of ways to earn and redeem rewards and gifts in this game, one of which is to enter exchange codes. Exchange codes are ten-digit promo codes that you can enter to redeem free gold, resources, boosts, gifts, officers, and other gifts.

Read on for a list of exchange codes, and how to get more exchange codes, in Kiss of War!

Before we get into how to find exchange codes, first, you have to know how to enter them. Of course, the tutorial has to be completed in order to get to the area where you can enter the codes.

First, tap on your avatar picture. You’ll be taken to a pop-up screen with numerous options, one of which will be Settings. Under Settings, you can change the language, modify the sound, etc, but you can also tap the Exchange button to enter an Exchange code.

Once you’re here, enter in a 10-digit code in order to receive the gift in question.

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One of the best ways to get free exchange codes is to go to the official social media of both Tap4fun and Kiss of War. That can include Facebook, Twitter, and whatever other mediums you can find them on. If you see them on Instagram, go for it.

Another great way to find exchange codes is to look for the Kiss of War subreddit. Players who play games like this, where gift codes are given out frequently, tend to spend a lot of time talking about the game on Reddit, so they will often post whatever codes they see.

Hit the Discord chat to look for channels related to Kiss of War. The easiest way to find any information about exchange codes is to go to the search, type in “exchange code”, and see if anything pops up. You can always try gift code, redeem code, or promo code in the search to see if they have been posted under the wrong nomenclature.

Check the comments of this article too. Our readers tend to post gift codes if they find them before we do, and when we see them in the comments, we’ll post them.

Right now, with the game being brand new, there are no known gift exchange codes, promo codes, or redeem codes available for Kiss of War. Keep checking this article, through, and we will post them as soon as they become available.


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