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Epic Seven (E7): List of Coupon Codes and How To Redeem and Find More of Them

Epic Seven, or E7, is one of the top gacha RPGs on the iOS and Android platforms. It’s been around for a year or two already, but it’s one of the top games on both platforms, both by downloads and by how much money the game makes.

There are several coupon codes that can give you free rewards in this game, and more are being added constantly. You can use them to gain stamina, pvp flags, passes to special dungeons, and more!

Whether you are on the iOS or Android platforms, you can use the coupon codes, but you have to take some special steps in order to do it on the iOS platform.

If you are using Android, then all that you have to do is go to the event news when you’re in your lobby. It will pop up on the banner in the top right corner. Tap on the one that says “Event News” to open it up.

Then once you get there, look in the top right corner of the window and you will see a button that says “Coupon” Tap it, fill in the text box with the coupon code, then click the Register button.

If you play on the iOS platform, you can’t necessarily enter the coupon code using an iOS device, BUT you can redeem it by logging onto your account through an Android emulator for PC or Mac, such as Bluestacks. Download the game on the emulator (link: Download Epic Seven on BlueStacks), log into your account, then do the above steps.

Now that we know how to get there and redeem the coupon codes, you need to know how to actually find them. Some of your best sources are official social media accounts for Epic Seven, or for Smilegate Megaport. Look around their Facebook, Twitter, etc. for official coupon codes.

Check every single one of the social media pages for this game, not just one of them. Sometimes codes will end up on one page that don’t get posted on another page, or a Subscriber or Contest will be run on one platform that is not run on another platform. Because of this, it’s worth checking everything.

Another great place to check is in the review section of the Apple App Store and Google Play store. There are loads of reviews for this game, so be sure to organize them chronologically in order to make sure that you are seeing the newest reviews first. Then, look through the reviews for codes that have been posted by other players, and if you have a code that you don’t see there, write a review and post the code in it.

Your next best bet is Reddit or YouTube. Lots of different promo codes tend to pop up there, especially when there is a special event, or even daily codes. Also, content creators tend to give out promo codes, including via YouTube or Twitch.

Discord, of course, is an excellent source for coupon codes. Just go to the Epic Seven channel, hit the search bar, and type in “Coupon” or something related, such as Redeem Code or Promo Code, just to see what pops up.

You can try coupon codes on your own just to see what works. You can try various characters in the game, villains, variants of the game name itself, and more.

Of course, check the comment section of this article. Users here tend to post codes when they find them before we do. We will add user-provided codes to our articles, but oftentimes the commenters get to them first.

Check the comments section on every other page that you visit, as well, especially on very active ones like Facebook. Even in posts that aren’t quite related to codes, such as standard announcements, often times players will post codes. YouTube comments are also an excellent source for codes.

Here are the known coupon codes for Epic Seven, or E7:



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If you pre-registered and are waiting for your pre-registration codes, then email the customer support. Also, keep searching social media as the developers often release a code of the day.

Finally, bookmark this page so that you can keep up with new codes that we post!


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