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Brick Buster! – All 25 Fruits and How To Win Real-Life Money

Brick Buster is a new physics-based action puzzle game for the iOS and Android platform where your goal is to Smash as many bricks as possible through multiple rounds of play. One unique twist to the game is the potential ability to win money in real life.

Read on for tips on how to get the pay out, win money in real life, and get the cash in Brick Buster!

The main premise of the game is that you launch a ball upward, aiming similarly to a bubble shooter game, with the intent being to hit bricks and other power ups on the field. Once the ball slows down and stops, everything regenerates and you start again.

Besides bricks, there are a number of power ups that you can hit. The black bomb explodes and clears out everything around it, letting your ball through. The blue bomb makes your ball huge, and the red bomb makes you go at super speed.

There is a slot machine mechanic in this game, and to get spins at the slots, you have to hit the little red button at the top of the level that goes back-and-forth. Each time you hit it, you get one more turn at the slots, meaning one more chance to win big prizes.

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Occasionally, you will get offered a spin at the lucky wheel in exchange for watching an advertisement video. With the lucky wheel, you can either win green coins, which signify real money, or gold coins, which signify the tokens that you can earn in the game. As often as possible, take the video offer and make a spin.

When you spin the slots, if you match three of the same icon, you will win the prize. If you don’t match three of the same icon, you will get an offer to watch an advertisement video and spin again, and the next spin will always win, so it’s worth it to take the video offer.

Another thing that you can win in the slot area, but not in the wheel area, or fruit. The fruit Are a very rare prize, and there are 25 different ones. If you win I’ll 25 different ones, you get the biggest cash prize in the game, which is $1000.

There are several other options for cash prizes that you can win. If you win 3 million gold tokens, then you can cash them out for Amazon gift cards, which will be smaller than the other prizes.

If you collect 20 different fruit, you will be able to exchange them for a much larger, but unspecified, Amazon gift card winning.

If you collect $100 worth of green tokens, then you will be able to cash them out at a ratio of one dollar for one token. You need to have a minimum of $100 in order to do this.

Finally, if you spin 777 on the slot machine, which is extremely extremely rare, you will win an instant cash price of $1000.

Your green tokens rise quickly in this game, but starting around $50 or so, they begin to taper off really quickly. Each cash price will be worth less, and cash prizes well if you’re much less frequently. Most players will never reach the point where they cash out, because the game will stop it.

Players are randomly chosen to win when they first begin the game. If the game has decided that you will be able to cash out eventually, then keep playing and you will win at least one of the prizes. If the game has decided otherwise, then there is nothing you can do.

The one thing that you can try in order to reset this algorithm is to delete the game and then download it again. Just make sure that your account is not linked to anything, and that all your data is deleted. Then download the game again and try again.


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Michael Todd

Sunday 13th of December 2020

I have played this game quite a lot and I have never once seen a red dot moving anywhere. And what level are you referring to regarding the dot"s location?