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Lords Mobile: List of Promotion Codes and CDKeys and How To Find More of Them

Lords Mobile is One of the most popular and enduring MMORTS games for the iOS and Android platforms. Like maybe similar games, you can enter promotion codes to win free prizes. Unlike many of those games, though, it is not obvious hell.

Read on for a list of promotion codes and CDKeys, how to redeem them, and how to find more of them in Lords Mobile!

The first step is knowing where to go in order to redeem the promotion codes. You don’t exchange them within the game itself. Instead, you go to the following website:

Once you go there, you enter your IGG ID and then the code. Enter those two and then hit submit, and you will get your prize. This works whether you play the game on iOS or Android.

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So how and where can you find more codes for this game, the most obvious place to look is on the official social media pages and forums for the game. There are pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and if you live in another country such as Russia, there are probably pages on they are social media sites, too. Look everywhere that you can.

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Check out the Subreddit for this game too. It’s very easy to find a new codes for this game. Just use the search bar, search entirely within that Subreddit, and look for promotion codes or CDKeys.

Another great place to look is on Discord. Look for a chat invite for a room relating to this game, then take the invite and join it. Use the search bar at the top of the screen to search for codes. As always, if you have codes that you don’t find here, be sure to enter them into the chat, and do the same thing on Reddit too.

Another excellent place to look is on video sharing or streaming websites, especially YouTube and Twitch, which are the two biggest ones out there. Look for content creators and streamers who have exclusive codes to share, because they tend to get things that most other websites won’t pick up until much later on.

Look at foreign language sources too, because this game is popular in many different countries. You can use Google translate if you have to, but search absolutely everywhere.

Here is a list of the promotional codes that are currently working for Lords Mobile:




Keep checking back here as often as you can, because as we find a new codes, we will post them and pass them on to you!


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