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Battle Bricks: Brick Breaker – List of Promo Codes and How To Find More of Them

Battle Bricks: Brick Breaker is a new iOS and Android game from the well-established Brick Breaker/Breakout genre. You get to engage in familiar gameplay on random levels against other players (who are playing identical levels to what you’re playing). You can play against other players either for free or for real-life money.

You have to make an in-app purchase in order to be able to spend money to battle other players and make money, normally; however, you can use promo codes to earn free bonus cash, which can be wagered against other players for withdrawable money.

Read on for a list of promo codes, how to use them, and how to find more of them in Battle Bricks: Brick Breaker!

You have to complete the tutorial before you can use a code, but after you do that, you can then use codes whenever you want to. You can either play all the way through the tutorial at the beginning, or login with an account that you previously used. Either option will get you straight into the meat of the game.

Next, go to the store area, hit the button that says to enter a promo code, then either type the code or copy and paste it. Either way, once you exchange the code, you can claim your free reward.

The way that promo codes work in this game is somewhat unique. Each player has their own promo code right from the beginning, including you. To find out what your promo code is, go to the segment of the store that allows you to invite another player, then tap the text message button.

After doing that, copy the five digit number out of the URL, and use that to spread your promo code around. Whenever somebody else uses your promo code, you will earn 10 bonus cash. Additionally, you will earn $10 worth of bonus cash anytime you use someone else’s code.

One place to check for codes is Facebook. Look for any post about the game, then go to the comment section and use any of the codes that other players have posted (and rest assured they will have posted quite a few). You can also post your own code if you choose to.

Use any other social media platform and find chatter about the game, because where there is discussion, there will be codes shared. Just like before, use any code that you find, and be sure to share your own code.

Another good source for codes is the review section of the download page on the App Store. Players will post their own codes as part of their reviews. Be sure to post a review of the game and add your code to it, so that other players can see your code and use it.

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As follows, here is a code that will earn you free bonus cash:


Additionally, be sure to check out the comment section of this article, because players will comment with their own codes, and you should do the same!


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