Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain – Walkthrough: Answers 100-111

By | March 27, 2018

Question 101: To make 3 diamonds shapes, make a Mitsubishi logo by removing the middle match on each side of the triangle, and then the middle matches of each diamond. Then hit submit.
Question 102: To complete the equation, do “Rain” + “Bow” = “Rainbow”.

Question 103: To make 13 on the dice, move the left die over to reveal a third one that’s stuck on 1. Then shake the phone until you roll a double 6 with the other two dice. Then submit.
Question 104: To make it so that both of them can eat donuts, hold down on the donut and then “copy” will appear. Tap it, then hold down on the donut silhouette and “paste” will appear. Tap it.

Level 105: Just follow the given directions and swipe in the same or opposite direction of the arrow when the question tells you to until you beat the level.
Level 106: To find the person with the hat, pinch with two fingers and zoom out until you see the person with the hat. Then tap on that person.

Level 107: To make the sum of the dice into a roll that equals 18, roll until you get two sixes, or 12. Then hold down on one of the dice with your finger and hit “copy”. Tap and hold on an empty space and tap on “paste” to make a third die with 6.
Level 108: To make a yummy soup, tap on the salt and then drag the spoon over and get some soup, then tap “eat” and the chef will say “Yummy!” and eat it.

Level 109: To beat your opponent, tilt the phone to the left and then when the other boxer is distracted by the girl, punch him with either the left or right hand.
Level 110: To knock both of the pool balls into the hole at a time, knock one in, then drag and move the big red X and knock another one in.

Level 111: To make an inverted triangle, ignore the gray dots and move the three corner oranges to areas on either end of the triangle with no gray dots on them. Put the oranges into the shape of a bowling-pin formation.
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