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Traffic Run!: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Traffic Run is a new iOS and Android game where your goal is to cross intersections and make it through traffic safely. You’re challenged with increasingly crowded and higher-trafficked levels as you go.

Along the way you can compete for the highest score possible, earn coins, and unlock a whole range of new cars.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Traffic Run!

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Your goal is to make it across traffic safely, so you have to move and stop at the right times in order to do so. Tap and hold on the screen in order to go, and let go of the screen, and you’ll stop immediately.

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The exception here to the stopping rule is when you’re at level 5 and beyond, when hills start to come into play. If you let go of the screen when you’re jumping up a hill, you’ll have to land first before you stop.

You can earn more points, too, when you execute a near miss. To get a near miss, pass either close behind or close in front of a car. Of course, don’t hit the car, or your run is done.

Oddly enough, often the best strategy is to just send it. By that I mean look for an opening, then hold down on the screen and don’t let go until you reach the end of the level. When you build speed, you’ll shoot through gaps more quickly.

You can earn coins as you go. Each small coin is worth one coin, and each of the big coins is worth 20 coins. Additionally, you can go to the garage and watch an ad video for a free 100 coins.

Also in the garage, you can unlock new cars. To unlock a new car, buy the random purchase and you’ll get a random car. The first one will cost 100 coins, and the second will cost 200 coins. Each one afterwards will get more expensive.

Also, you can unlock multiple colors per car. Your original car comes with the two colors already unlocked. New cars won’t have a color unlocked, but once you beat a level, you’ll often be offered the chance to get a new color by watching an ad video.

The involuntary ads can get to be a bit much at times, so you can either buy the ad-free mode (when it’s added to the game) or you can set your device to airplane mode. Airplane mode will stop you from taking any coin or color video offers, though; ad free mode will not.


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