Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain – Answers and Solutions To All Levels, Stages, and Questions

Tricky Test 2: Think Outside the Box is a new trick question game by Orangenose Studios, who specializes in this tough, mind-bending genre. Your goal is to solve all manner of trick questions, ranging from the simple, which involve elementary school logic, to the complex, which make you think WAY outside of the box.

First came Tricky Test: Get Smart, which also features loads of wacky, trick questions; this is the sequel to that. Numerous clones and homages, such as the Tricky Challenge franchise, as well as Crazy Tricks, among others.

This one contains a number of questions that will leave you stumped as to what the answers are, until you think outside the box. You have to think about the kind of tricks that you can do with your phone, flipping it or blowing into the mic, as well as solving math problems with the kind of logic that a kid might use, but that an adult might not.

Read on for all of the answers to all of the problems, questions, and levels in Tricky Test 2: Think Outside the Box!

Question 0: The question says “put everything into the box.” Put everything into the box, including the instructions. Take the instructions as literally as you can possibly take them. This is a good lesson for the entire rest of the game.

Question 1: Tap the green button three times. This is a simple one without any tricks, really. The green button just moves around a bit. So tap it in whatever location it moves to, and after three taps, you’ll pass.

Question 2: The question asks how many holes are in the underwear. There are three holes total in the underwear; the left leg, the right leg, and the waist are the three holes, so answer three for this one.

Question 3: The cloud is the object that is furthest away from the word “us” in the question. So for the question “which is the farthest away from us”. The question is meant as literally as possible, which means that the cloud is farthest away physically from “us”.

Question 4: Moai (better known to most people as the Easter Island Head) is crying but you can’t stop him with your finger. Turn the phone upside down to stop Moai’s tears. The tears will flow back up into its head.

Question 5: The question asks you which of the bears has no ear. The bear that has no ear is B. Take this question literally, as the bear minus ear is simply the letter B.

Question 6: Your goal is to wake up the pig, but like the rest of the game, there is a trick question to it. Block the pig’s nose with two fingers to wake it up (one finger works also).

Place fingers over each nostril and wait for a bit. The face will fill up with color, and when the face is completely full, you’ll beat the level.

Question 7: To tap the fruits from smallest to biggest, tap the cherry first, then tap the pineapple. Carrots are not fruit, so you don’t tap the carrot. Be sure that you are reading the entire question, not just skimming it, and taking the question very literally.

Question 8: The question says to catch five of the mice. First, tap the mouse in the question. Then, tap four of the running mice facing left. Don’t tap any of the mice facing to the right or you’ll lose a heart. Only tap the chickens that face to the left.

Question 9: The question asks you to find X for the weight of the cat, dog, and rabbit. Add the answers to all three of the other questions together, then divide them by 2.

The cat, dog and rabbit weight a combined 14 kilos. The other questions combined have two cats, two dogs, and two rabbits, for a weight of 28 kilos. So tap on the number 14 and you will win the round.

Question 10: This one is impossible to lose, literally. Rub the scratcher and collect that reward in order to win the round. Just by claiming the reward, you will beat the level. It doesn’t matter what your reward is, you will still win the round even if you’re unlucky enough for no reward.

Question 11: Tap the 3rd in the question. The reason for this is that because if you overtake the person who is in third place, you (by the magic of common sense) will be third place. All of the other answers are wrong.

Question 12: You have to stop the two pets from fighting, according to the question. Pull the fighting pets apart with two fingers. That’s all that you have to do, and then they will love each other again.

Question 13: You need to get ketchup out of the bottle in order to win. Turn the phone upside down and shake it hard to get ketchup out. Treat it like a real ketchup bottle that you’re about to empty out. Then the ketchup will dump out and you will win.

Question 14: The question says to tap all of the numbers in descending order, from largest to smallest. Tap 23212, 3104, then the score at the top, then -219 and -1222. The score at the top counts as one of the numbers too, so just be sure to include that in the numbers that you’re tapping from highest to lowest.

Question 15: You have to “take everything out of the box” for this question. To do that, put the word “everything” from the question into the box, then take it out by turning the phone upside down.

Question 16: The question says “I’m two years old” so naturally you have to light two candles. To do this, light the middle candle and then tilt your phone to light one of the other two candles.

Question 17: Tap the numbered buttons in order. The numbers change any time that you do this question, so there is no one single right answer. The easiest way to do this is to write down the numbers when they pop up before you start tapping them. Or put them in your notes app.

Question 18:To save both your mother and fiance at the same time, pull on both of their hands at the same time with two fingers. Don’t tap on just either one or the other. Tap both of them and pull both of them at the same time.

Question 19: To light all of the bulbs “on the screen”, swipe the right bulb to send it off of the screen, then turn on one of the switches. It doesn’t matter which switch you turn on out of all of the available ones, just flip one of them on and you will complete the level.

Question 20: To find X, read the previous answers that are on the screen. 5 = 1 because 1 = 5. Ignore all of the rest of the numbers in the pattern.

Question 21: Before you count the apples, shake the tree to release all of the apples and send them falling to the ground. The number of apples can differ depending on how many times you play the game, so make sure to do the counting yourself.

Question 22: Tap the boxes in order from largest to smallest; however, MAKE SURE to include the gift box in this. The gift box is on the bottom right half of the screen and is smaller than all of the boxes except for the bottom one.

Question 23: The question asks how many holes are in the shirt. The shirt has six holes. The hole in the middle is two holes, plus you have two sleeve holes, plus one waist hole, and then you have one neck hole.

Question 24: Hold your finger down on the opposite side of the screen as the one the mosquito is on. The mosquito will fly toward it, then get zapped by the bug zapper in the middle of the screen. Don’t touch the zapper itself.

Question 25: The question says to tap the green button three times, and to tap the yellow button five times. Tap the green button three times, the yellow button until it turns white, then when it turns yellow, tap it again.

Question 26: The question says to count all of the owls. While it doesn’t look like it at first, there are actually a total of nine owls. Drag and move all of the owls around in order to find all of the hidden owls. That’s how you get the count of nine.

Question 27: Your goal here is to figure out which of the balloons is the sharpest one. To do this, grab the balloons with one finger apiece, and drag the balloons to the sharp edge near the clue “C” button. The one that doesn’t pop is the strongest.

Question 28: First, in the question “Where is my microphone”, use your fingers to split the words “micro” and “phone” apart. Then, pinch the phone with two fingers and drag it inward to turn it into a “micro” phone. Very punny question and answer.

Question 29: You have to make two squares that don’t touch. Remove the matches that are perpendicular to the outermost matches. You’ll make two squares, one small one inside of one very big one.

Question 30: If you only move one of the matches, then the largest possible number that you can make on the screen is 909. The original number is 508, of course.

Question 31: Tap the word “elephant” in the question. There aren’t enough letters to make the word ‘elephant’ on the answer key, so the only option is to tap on the word in the question.

Question 32: 7+7/7+7×7-7=50. You can figure this one out with the magic of PEMDAS (Parentheses, Exponent, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction).

Question 33: You have to complete the sentence on the piece of paper, which says “Do not touch here”. Drop the exclamation mark from the prompt to “Complete the sentence!” onto the end to turn it into “Do not touch here!” and complete the phrase.

Question 34: The paper says “This side faces down” with a frowny face on it. To follow the instruction on the paper (this side faces down), flip the phone screen-side down. The frown will turn into a smiley face when you do it right.

Question 35: The question asks how many dolls there are. To figure this out, pull the matryoshka doll apart with two fingers, and a smaller one will be inside. There are only two total dolls as you can’t split either one of the other ones apart after that.

Question 36: The question asks what is the smallest possible number on the calculator. Pay close attention to the buttons. The smallest possible number on the calculator is 0. There are no negative numbers on this calculator.

Question 37: Tap the yellow button thirteen times but you can’t go by the number that sits over the button itself. Tap until the button says -1 because it skips a number.

Question 38: The lowest possible number of holes in the shorts is 6. Two leg holes, one waist hole, two holes in the front, and then one hole in the back.

Question 39: The question says to “tap an orange” but there is only one half an orange on the screen. Move the orange slice to reveal another orange half, then tap both halves at the same time to “tap an orange.”

Question 40: To “turn off the lamp again,” do the following. Tilt the phone to the left to reveal the switch, then shut it off by tapping it.

Question 41: Pretend to whack yourself in the head with the screen of your phone. Don’t actually hit yourself through. The action is to pretend to smack the fly with your phone.

Question 42: You are getting engaged and your fiancée has hidden the engagement ring, and only one statement is true. The third statement is true and the others are false, so the ring is in box B.

Question 43: The question asks you which flashlight is the most powerful. Tilt the phone upside down to see the whole length of all three of the flashlight lights. The longest one is the red one.

Question 44: Swipe the window shut, then hit the X in the corner of the in-screen window to “close the window”, or more specifically, to close the application window.

Question 45: “Smile at the camera as wide as you can” as literally as possible. Drag the word smile into the camera lens, then use two fingers to expand it as much as possible.

Question 46: Put the word “elephant” from the question into the fridge. The actual elephant itself can’t fit into the refrigerator, but the word elephant can.

Question 47: To wake up Rose, you need to open the curtains. Open the curtains by pulling them apart with two fingers.

Question 48: One city has 3/7 of a chicken, 2/3 of a cat, and half of a goat in its name alone. That city is Chicago (CHIcken CAt GOat)

Question 49: One of these four statements is true, and the other three are false. Because there are four statements total, and one of them is true, three statements have to be false. So “Three statements here are false” is true.

Question 50: The dark heart is asking you to shake it. Shake the phone and the heart will fill up with color again.

Question 51: Turn the phone screen down to open the doors using “gravity”. The key will be behind one of the doors, so when you see it, tap on the key to open Jack’s car.

Question 52: You have to push the buttons (multiple, not singular) ten times. So push the yellow button ten times, and then push the word Button in the question ten times.

Question 53: Three women with two daughters apiece are having dinner. The smallest number of seats needed is 7 seats. One woman is the mom of the other two women, and the other two moms are her daughters. One grandma, two moms, and four daughters to those moms equals 7.

Question 54: Turn off the lamp again. To do this, swipe the lightbulb to the right over and over and over to unscrew the bulb and turn the lamp off.

Question 55: Don’t let anyone who is physically around you see the card. You would do that by hiding the phone screen, so place the phone face down to hide the card from everyone around you.

Question 56: To follow the no smoking rule, put one finger over the burning end of the cigarette and then rub your finger back and forth in order to put it out.

Question 57: To squeeze the elephant into the trunk, tilt the phone upside down to open the trunk, then put the elephant in it. The elephant will shrink itself down.

Question 58: The pencil costs $1 more than the eraser and both items cost $1.10 combined. The eraser costs 5 cents, since the pencil costs one dollar more.

Question 59: Rotate the phone in the direction given.

Question 60: Tear in half the “24.50” tag to remove the 50, then pay 24 dollars using any combination of the given demoninations of cash that you want. Try to avoid using the cents, as those take a very long time to put enough into the register.

Question 61: The question asks you to push the button 121 times. You can if you want to, but there is an easier way. Drag “121 times” onto the button and then push it.

Question 62: Drag the words “this card” away to reveal the card underneath.

Question 63: No tricks here, just tap the buttons 1, 2, 3, 5, 4.

Question 64: The question asks you to type infinity into the calculator. Type 8, turn the phone sideways and hit submit, because a sideways 8 is the “infinity” symbol.

Question 65: The clock has a missing hand. Drag the exclamation mark from the question into the clock. The exclamation mark will become a new hand of the clock.

Question 66: Move the top and far right orange down to the bottom and left side of the formation to make a square.

Question 67: The question asks you which bulb is the hottest bulb. To figure this one out, put your finger down on the bulbs and watch for the text box saying it’s hot. Then tap that bulb.

Question 68: Turn the phone screen down to hide the elephant.

Question 69: Strike the match against the top of the screen then light the candle.

Question 70: Move the upper-left match downward and to the right just a bit.

Question 71: W is 13. It’s the sum of the three squares to the top, left, and top-left.

Question 72: Drag the word “me” into the square box.

Question 73: The question says to hide the ace. To do this, cover the ace card and the word “ace” in the question with your finger. You have to do it both ways.

Question 74: Use two fingers to split the six pointed star apart in order to turn it into two triangles in the sky, then tap both of them.

Question 75: To go to the first floor, turn the phone upside down and tap the arrow button.

Question 76: The question says to hide the elephants. To do this, Swipe both the elephant and the word “elephants” in the question off of the screen.

Question 77: Smash the two eggs together with two fingers.

Question 78: The question says to find the real killer. Hana is the killer. Qazsedc makes an “H” on the keyboard, hinting at the one person in the question whose name begins with an H.

Question 79: Tilt the phone to the right to reveal the owl, then tap it.

Question 80: 51,181 is the biggest possible number.

Question 81: Use your finger to cover Jack’s eyes and then steal his candy with the other finger.

Question 82: To shake the smaller pumpkin, hold down with a finger on it, and then shake the phone to shake the smaller pumpkin while your finger holds the large one.

Question 83: To put the eyeball back, put the phone up to your face, look up with the phone still screen-first against your face, and tap the eye.

Question 84: Simply hold on the screen and avoid the ghost for five seconds. You just have to be fast to pass this one.

Question 85: To help Jack turn on the lightbulb, pull the plug downward to reveal a second outlet, then plug it into that lower outlet.

Question 86: The amount of hearts on the screen is 5 (for the 10 halves) plus however many you have left for energy.

Question 87: To figure out which bat is the real bat, turn the phone upside down and shake it, and the bat that doesn’t fall will be the real one.

Question 88: To help Jack find his home, tap the menu button and press the home button.

Question 89: 319 + 248 = 567

Question 90: Drag the button to the right, then press the button and the small button ten times each.

Question 91: Top minus left times right. So y is 3.

Question 92: Slide the umbrella under the poop to turn it into a chocolate shake. Then tap it.

Question 93: Drag one toast onto the other to make a super thick toast then tap it.

Question 94: Tap and hold the dot and watch the color it changes to. Then tap the corresponding button without letting go of the dot.

Question 95: Jelly + Fish = Jellyfish

Question 96: To wake Rose up again, open the curtains and wait for about 20 seconds for the light to shine into the window. It will wake her up.

Question 97: To mix the chemicals, put your finger over the top of the test tube and shake the phone and the chemicals will mix.

Question 98: To correct the equation 2 + 6 = 11, turn the phone upside down and hit submit os 11 = 9 + 2. Don’t move any matches.

Question 99: Arrange the lights in alphabetical order for the first digit. Blue, green, purple, red, yellow.

Question 100: Write “The title of this stage” into the box and hit submit.

Question 101: To make 3 diamonds shapes, make a Mitsubishi logo by removing the middle match on each side of the triangle, and then the middle matches of each diamond. Then hit submit.

Question 102: To complete the equation, do “Rain” + “Bow” = “Rainbow”.

Question 103: To make 13 on the dice, move the left die over to reveal a third one that’s stuck on 1. Then shake the phone until you roll a double 6 with the other two dice. Then submit.

Question 104: To make it so that both of them can eat donuts, hold down on the donut and then “copy” will appear. Tap it, then hold down on the donut silhouette and “paste” will appear. Tap it.

Level 105: Just follow the given directions and swipe in the same or opposite direction of the arrow when the question tells you to until you beat the level.

Level 106: To find the person with the hat, pinch with two fingers and zoom out until you see the person with the hat. Then tap on that person.

Level 107: To make the sum of the dice into a roll that equals 18, roll until you get two sixes, or 12. Then hold down on one of the dice with your finger and hit “copy”. Tap and hold on an empty space and tap on “paste” to make a third die with 6.

Level 108: To make a yummy soup, tap on the salt and then drag the spoon over and get some soup, then tap “eat” and the chef will say “Yummy!” and eat it.

Level 109: To beat your opponent, tilt the phone to the left and then when the other boxer is distracted by the girl, punch him with either the left or right hand.

Level 110: To knock both of the pool balls into the hole at a time, knock one in, then drag and move the big red X and knock another one in.

Level 111: To make an inverted triangle, ignore the gray dots and move the three corner oranges to areas on either end of the triangle with no gray dots on them. Put the oranges into the shape of a bowling-pin formation.

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