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Traffic Panic London iPhone, iPad and Android Game Guide: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Glitches and Strategies

Traffic Panic London is a fun, hilarious two-part game. Your goal is to control the traffic lights in such a way that you are able to move as much traffic through as quickly as possible. Of course, you lose when you crash (or when you cause a traffic jam), but after you do one of these two and lose, you still win, because then you can let off bombs and cause spectacular explosions. You earn credits both by creating the most awesome explosions and by getting the highest score possible. Read on for tips and tricks to Traffic Panic London!

The shorter amount of time a car spends at the red light, the more points you score for that individual car. If the car never has to hit their brakes at all before they go through the intersection, then you earn a full 200 points by letting them through (300 for a big rig or a bus), so the fastest way to increase your score is to score as many 200 or 300 point cars as possible.

If you want to cause massive amounts of explosions and rack up the most pound sterling of damage without using your bombs, here’s what you do. First, earn enough credits to unlock both the tank and the gasoline tanker truck. Then, wait until a moment until multiple tanker trucks are in your traffic jam, and a tank is crossing the intersection. Turn the light green and run both of the tanker trucks into the tank. They will both blow up, and the tank will go crazy and start shooting everything. Every time the tank shoots the tankers, they will blow up yet again, causing even more damage, so wait until the tank is done shooting to continue on. It’s possible to cause over 500,000 quid worth of damage this way.

Don’t run two tanks into each other, though, as the game glitches and crashes when two tanks run into each other, since only one tank can be shooting at a time.