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Driland iPhone and Android Game Guide: Tips, Tricks, Cheats, Hints and Strategies

Driland is a card battling RPG for the iPhone and other iOS devices, as well as for the Android OS. Your character is a monster summoner, and your goal is to complete quests in dungeons, battle the ever ferocious dire demons (or dire monsters), grow and enhance your card collection to make it as strong as you possibly can, and then do battle against other players in a quest for card domination! Read on for some tips and trick for Driland!

When you fight a dire demon, first, before you take them on, make sure you are somewhat close to a level up. To check your experience level, go to the home tab and you’ll see the EXP bar. First, fight the dire demon over and over, until you literally run out of force or until you beat them, whichever comes first. If you run out of force, then the next thing to do is to go on completing quests like normal, until you either run out of stamina or gain a level. If you gain a level, your force will be completely restored, freeing you to go and do battle against the dire monster again. if you run out of stamina, then considering how long THAT takes to do in this game, you should end up with a good bit of your force back just from time spent.

To load up on Card Box points, or C-points, go over first to ‘other’ in the bottom toolbar, then to “invite” on the next menu, then go to “Ally List”, then to “ally search”, then to “recommended”, and then start sending kudos and comments to everyone on the list. When you finish, reload and do it all over again. It’s tedious but it earns you card box points quickly.

To find weaker players to battle, do the above, but then when you get to the recommended invite list, tap the user and hit the battle button instead. Pick a fight with someone who is at a lower level with you, and you will win for sure.