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Country Star – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Country Star is a new country music game by the same company that made beat star for the iOS and android platforms. goal is to tap at the right time in order to complete the song and score as many points as possible, in a manner that is similar to games such as guitar hero and magic tiles. You can earn coins, open card packs, unlock new songs, and a whole lot more as you make your way through the game.

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each song allows the opportunity to earn as many stars as possible, up to five stars per song, and how many stars you earn is dependent on how well you do. Your taps will either be recorded as great, perfect, or +. Perfect + taps will earn you the most points, and if you can get a streak of entirely that throughout the whole song, then you will max out the possible star rating.

If you come across an unfamiliar song, then your best bet is to listen to it a few times first, outside of the game, so that you remember the lyrics and the beat. Then, play the game and turn it up, and you will be able to far more easily excel at the song.

Play as many songs as you can as quickly as possible in order to earn stars as fast as possible. The more stars that you earn, the more different game modes that you unlock, and it is typically more advantageous to play new songs than to replay old songs at first.

Once you have six stars, you will unlock the hub, the shop, and the merch collection. The hub will allow you to play in a social manner with other players, while the shop will allow you to earn and purchase diamonds, as well as to spend your diamonds on goodies such as rare songs. The merch collection will allow allow you to change your skins, avatars, emotes, and banners.

Starting at 25 stars you will be able to unlock special events. These events cannot only earn you a big rewards, but can be a way to earn limited addition songs that you wouldn’t otherwise normally find. These events are generally time limited, so play them while you have the chance.

Beyond these, you will continue to unlock new features and modes within the game as you earn more stars. Keep earning new songs, keep playing every song that you can, and master your rhythm so that you can earn as many stars and unlock all of the special events.

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