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Guide to SongPop for iPhone: Tips, tricks, strategies and cheats, plus free coins

SongPop is a brand new music recognition game for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Think of it like a “Music With Friends” kind of game, because in this game the goal is to beat your friends at a music recognition quiz. You each get five songs to play, and you have to tap the right answer on each one of them out of 4 choices (which all consist of either artists or song titles), and out of musical genres. You can play music from all kinds of genres using the different playlists, and even buy new playlists using the coins that you win. Read on for some tips and tricks for SongPop!

The number one factor in how much you will score in this game is not how quickly you hit the right song – it’s how many songs in a row you will get. If you miss the first song and get the next four right, you will score FAR more points than if you miss the third song but get the other ones right. So slow down when you are answering songs, unless you are an absolute master, because if you hit all five and your opponent misses one, then that will make you the easy winner.

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If you really want to cheat at this game, have this game running on one device, and a song recognition app such as Voodoo open on another device. This is a very slow way to cheat, but again, all you need is five songs in a row, so if this just helps you get one song in a round, then there you go.

Each time you earn a star on a playlist, you unlock more songs on that playlist, so keep playing the same playlist over and over to get more and more stars on it.

To get more coins you need to keep winning and winning games. Three coins are earned for one win, compared to one coin for a loss. The fastest way to earn more coins is just to play a whole bunch of random games with random people.